3 Types of Men Having Affairs – Know the Reasons

Though love is the most beautiful feeling in the world, sometimes it becomes the most complex thing in your life, and affairs are one of the biggest reasons behind this. Now affair is not a new thing its also a part of love but it is considered the worst situation in any relationship. Adults and even teens entered into relationships very easily and at an early age, and during this age, a lot of people came into their lives. Now, due to continuous hormonal changes and sometimes sexual desire, they can’t remain loyal to that relationship, and that’s where affairs came into existence. In This article, we will discuss the 3 Types Of Men Who Have Affairs and what are the reasons behind this.

Well, men and women both can have affairs but today we will discuss different types of men having affairs. It doesn’t matter whether a boy or girl is having an affair; in any case, the relationship will suffer and both of them will face mental issues. Overall, an affair can relax you until it is not disclosed. Once your partner knows about your affair, everyone in the relationship will suffer. Let’s discuss the topic in detail.

Know The Main Reasons for the Affair

Before knowing the reasons for an affair, let’s understand what an affair is. Affair simply means remaining in more than one relationship. Simply put, by having an affair, you are cheating on your partner. An affair is also a love relationship, but it is treated in a negative sense because you are cheating on your partner, which also doubts a person’s loyalty, personality, love, and care. In most cultures and countries, living in multiple love relationships is not acceptable, and nobody wants to share their partner with anyone, especially when he or she truly loves him.

There are no fixed or proven reasons because it’s all about emotions, and there is nothing that can understand everyone’s emotions and feelings. Still, we will discuss some common reasons, which are as follows:

1. Sexual Desire

There is no doubt in the fact that humans, especially during adolescence, strive for sex, and sexual desire is one of the most common reasons for affairs. If your partner is not able to satisfy you or you are now bored with him, you will definitely go for someone else.

2. Revenge

Revenge is also one of the biggest reasons for affairs. If your partner finds that you are not giving him time,  love, and care, he will definitely try to take revenge on you. And trust me, an affair is one of the most hurtful revenge, which can also make the relationship toxic and may finally result in its end.

3. Search For Love

Today adults came into relationships due to attraction and to satisfy their sexual needs and there is no space for love, care, and loyalty left. Also in modern times, it is seen that males and females come into a relationship only to satisfy their sexual desire, and once their needs are satisfied they mutually break up. So in such cases, partners usually realize that sex can only give them temporary pleasure, which is why they search for love.

4. Lack of Control Over Emotions

Hormonal changes and emotions are deeply connected, and they are one of the biggest reasons behind the increase in sexual desire. If a person enters a relationship at an early age, there are chances that he may not remain committed for a long time. Once he finds a more beautiful and attractive partner, he will start approaching her. Also, some people have very strong hormonal changes and a lack of control over their feelings, due to which they can easily enter multiple relationships at the same time.

3 Types Of Men Having Affairs

Well, there is no fixed or certain category where you can put a man if he has an affair because anyone can do it. But based on their characteristics and personalities, we can categorize them.

1. Horny or Womanizer

As said earlier, sexual desire is one of the biggest reasons behind affairs, and if a man is horny, his sexual desire always remains at the top. He can’t compromise with his sexual needs, and that’s why such men come into multiple relationships only for sex. The common fact is they give no importance to feelings or emotions; all they want is physical pleasure.

A horny man can never be satisfied with one partner until his hunger for lust ends. They didn’t fall in love easily because their primary objective was to get physical pleasure. Also, these men didn’t find anything wrong in this because they believe that they are also satisfying someone’s need without binding them in an unwanted and no-love relationship.

2. Unsatisfied Relationship

Now, this applies to both men and women. If a person is in a relationship but is not getting attention and love from his partner, he will definitely strive for another one. Now, these men are more concerned with emotions and true love, and if they didn’t find that in their relationship, they didn’t take too much time in choosing the next partner.

And in such cases, affairs seem obvious, but it would be better if you ended your relationship by mutual consent and then went looking for a new partner. Now, dissatisfaction in the relationship can occur for several reasons. The thing is how they can solve those disputes because some men can’t handle many complications and give up very easily starting an affair.

3. Immature Persons

Having an affair is very common for Immature persons and there are different reasons why they love having affair. Firstly, they try to prove to others in society what an influential and attractive person they are. Secondly, emotions and feelings have no meaning to them, and they love playing with other people’s emotions and feelings. Sometimes these men start affairs because they love the care and importance given to them by multiple partners, and they enjoy it. Now money is also one of the reasons, and you can’t deny it. Many people approach rich partners who can fulfill their demands, and they don’t have to do anything. And you will find millions of people, both men, and women, who give more importance to money than anything else, as everyone knows money dominates everything in the 21st century.


Affairs sound very common, but it is a very serious issue as it can destroy many lives completely. Cheating can’t be accepted in any way or by anyone. Though you will find genuine reasons to start an affair, it is always advised to first end your relationship mutually and peacefully, and then do whatever you want. The only thing that matters is that you don’t play with someone’s feelings and never hurt anyone.

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1. What age group of men cheats the most?

Ans – Men in their 70s have the highest rate of adultery. In contrast, between the ages of 50 and 69, roughly 24% of males cheat, compared to 16% of women. Later, between the ages of 70 and 79, 13% of women and 26% of men cheat.

2. How does a man act after an affair?

Ans – Sixty-eight percent of men who have had affairs later come to regret it. Most unfaithful spouses’ husbands will feel bad and act out in ways that reflect that remorse, even if they haven’t admitted to the affair. You may begin to suspect that your partner is exhibiting signs of cheating husband guilt if you observe even little shifts in his or her conduct.

3. Who cheats more males or females?

Ans – General Social Survey data shows that men are more prone to cheat than women are; while 13% of married women report having had sexual relations with someone other than their husband or wife, 20% of men do so.

4. What does an affair mean to a man?

Ans – Infidelity in a long-term romantic partnership is what is meant by the term “affair.” Intense, ardent emotional or physical attachment is typically seen as a form of infidelity. When referring to a singular occurrence, the word “affair” is used infrequently.

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