Top 20 John Gotti Quotes You Need To Know

One of the most notorious gangster figures in American history was John Gotti. Gotti, the head of the Gambino crime family, is suspected of having given the go-ahead for numerous homicides. Despite his criminal history, Gotti was a very captivating person with a sizable fan base. Here are the best 20 John Gotti Quotes You Need To Know.

Most Popular John Gotti Quotes

  1. “If you think your boss is stupid, remember: you wouldn’t have a job if he was any smarter.” – John Gotti
  2. “I never lie because I don’t fear anyone. You only lie when you’re afraid.” – John Gotti
  3. “All I want is a good sandwich. You see this sandwich here? This tuna sandwich? That’s all I want a good sandwich.” On living the simple life.
  4. “Always be nice to bankers. Always be nice to pension fund managers. Always be nice to the media. In that order.” – John Gotti
  5. “I think you’d be better off with a lawyer who has no conflict problems.” – John Gotti
  6. “I am thankful to finally be reunited with my wife and five children, … I did my time in prison and moved on with my life. I hope and pray that everyone will try to understand that my past is behind me and to please focus on my future and what I do from here on out.” – John Gotti
  7. “I think the brand mark would be sincerity.” – John Gotti
  8. “Don’t carry a gun. It’s nice to have them close by, but don’t carry them. You might get arrested.” – John Gotti
  9. “You guys are going to have to do a piece of work for the family.” – John Gotti
  10. “If I was home I’d throw him off a … building. … I mean that’s the only thing they understand.” – John Gotti
  11. “He who is deaf, blind & silent, lives a thousand years in peace.” – John Gotti
  12. “I ain’t seen her in seven years, but she’s a doll, a precious little kid.” – John Gotti
  13. “Don’t ever say anything you don’t want to be played back to you someday.” – John Gotti
  14. “I’m the boss of my family my wife and kids at home.” To reporters before a 1985 court appearance.
  15. “I’m a man’s man. I’m here to take my medicine.” – John Gotti
  16. “Well, we know the whole situation’s full of lies, Dad. That’s just the way it is.” – John Gotti
  17. “He’s getting personal, I want to get personal.” – John Gotti
  18. “If they’re gonna get you, they wanna get you, … And they use the Machiavellian technique. The ends justify the means. That’s what this low-life country is all about, John. That’s the reason they have me in Marion.” – John Gotti
  19. “You’re calling the shots around here. I explained to this f——moron more than two weeks ago, before I got sick.” – John Gotti
  20. “My wife was a major obstacle. She said, ‘If you do it, we’re through. We need you in this house.” – John Gotti
  21. “You tell this punk, I, me, John Gotti, will sever your head off.” On the danger of crossing him.

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