Top 6 Most Depressed Zodiac Signs, Are You One of Them?

Depression is a fast-growing mental disorder disease in today’s changing lifestyle. People suffering from depression have negative feelings towards life, always remain sad, and there is a lack of positivity in their life. According to astrology, each person’s zodiac sign tells about their personality and traits. Today we will tell you about such most depressed zodiac signs, knowing which you can find out which zodiac signs are prone to depression.

Life is very short, we come to know this when we think about our old life which we have lived. We expect a lot from life but all our expectations are not fulfilled. Due to the non-fulfillment of expectations, we feel sad, our mind starts thinking negatively, and gradually we go into depression. There can be many reasons for this, such as career, love and relationship, illness, financial problems, married life, student life, etc.

Depression makes a person weak, his ability to work decreases, and he thinks negatively before doing any work. Stays away from people, and speaks less, and happiness disappears from his life. Is there depression in your life? One of the reasons for this can be your zodiac sign. So let’s know the saddest zodiac sign which tells you more about your depression.

6 Most Depressed Zodiac Signs Ranked


Cancers are unhappy because of their looks. They are moody and emotional in nature. They do not like to hear wrong about their looks, they get hurt very quickly. They make every possible effort to make others happy, but they get disappointed in the return. They can’t hide their feelings, they tell everything to people, this is their biggest shortcoming, which includes their list of most depressed zodiac signs.

People born under the sign of Cancer need to be needed and cherished because it is the “mother” of the zodiac. To be content and emotionally secure, they require acknowledgment and love.


Libras take decisions very hastily, due to which they have to repent later. They can’t control you and everyone is ahead everywhere. They are very emotional, people take advantage of their emotions, they come to know about this later and they become depressed. It is very costly for them to make quick decisions on people’s matters and to take decisions in a human way. Because of this, they are called one of the most depressing zodiac signs.


Taurus likes to live in comfort, they don’t know how to face problems. Running away from problems, or staying away from them seems like a good option for Taurus. They need motivation, they don’t think out of the box, and they always follow the daily routine. The main reason for their depression is that they do not want to change themselves with time, due to which they always feel restless.

They are very private with their feelings and have a tiny network of trusted confidants, even when they feel incredibly depressed and hopeless. When they’re feeling sad, cooking, baking, or any form of aromatherapy could readily improve their mood.


Although the pieces do not give up easily, due to the pressure and tradition of the family, they have to change their path. They are very sensitive, there is a lot of tension in their mind. Being emotional, the pieces listen to everyone, they do not think much, and they are in a hurry to take decisions. They don’t see anything in front of your emotions, they become uncontrollable when they are hurt.

Pisces crave attention, and if someone ignores them, they get very hurt. Even if it’s incredibly difficult for them, they always decide to suffer in quiet and make an effort to smile and maintain their composure because they don’t want their loved ones to feel awful.


In the matter of relationships, Scorpios are very unhappy, they try hard to maintain their relationship, but they do not get success, and in the end, they have to suffer from depression. They do not share their feelings with anyone, they keep suffocating inside. Due to failure in love, they keep their distance from their loved ones and live alone, which makes them very depressed.

Try not to make any emotional or serious relationship with Scorpio. Scorpions need to learn how to manage their strong emotions if they want to avoid unhappiness. They would also benefit from having a close friend or confidant they can talk to about the most private aspects of their lives.


Like other zodiac signs, Virgo is also very depressed about their life. Due to many ups and downs in his life, Vargo does not understand what is going on in his life. Whatever they think in their mind, the circumstances become opposite to that and their work goes on getting done. Happiness does not last long, due to which Virgo is included in the loss of the saddest zodiac signs.

Virgo finds himself alone in spite of the crowd, it hurts very quickly. After getting hurt, they don’t like anything, it is very difficult to make them understand, it is better to leave them in their own condition when they are emotional.

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1. Are Pisces usually depressed?

Ans – Pisces are notorious for our depression, which makes sense given that many other symptoms don’t occur. When we stop to think about it, there is always a reason why we are sad or depressed, even though it may feel like there isn’t one.

2. What zodiac gets stressed easily?

Ans – The sun sign Cancer is the one that is under the most stress. Your stress levels may increase to the point where your body begins to experience the impacts of your anxiety. You might discover that you overshare or intellectualize your anxious feelings.

3. What is the zodiac that cries a lot?

Ans – Taurus is the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, and those born under this sign tend to cry frequently and readily. These people don’t disclose to others what they are readily exposed to. In solitude, they sob for a very long time, and healing takes a very long time.

4. What zodiac sign is emotional and sensitive?

Ans – Pisces is the most sensitive sign in the zodiac.

5. What zodiac sign Cannot express their feelings?

Ans – As they don’t want to burden others with their troubles, issues, and sentiments, Librans never want to discuss their feelings with others. Although Librans are sometimes perceived as emotionless, they actually feel and care deeply yet keep all of their feelings to themselves.

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