6 Dumbest Zodiac Signs Ranked As Per Astrology


Cancer is at the top of this list because Cancers do a lot of overthinking, due to which they cannot take any decision intelligently and logically. They are very emotional and touchy in nature, so they take everything personally. Cancer can’t control its emotions, they don’t use its intelligence properly in a hurry, that’s why Cancer is called the dumbest zodiac sign. They are very naïve, they have a habit of believing others’ words quickly, and they do not ask many questions.

However, there is a good thing about cancer too, it ranks first among all the zodiac signs in the position of the happiest zodiac sign. They judge people emotionally and have a sense of sympathy for them. Sometimes they also take logical decisions.


People born under the Sagittarius sign are a bit self-absorbed, are indecisive, and you think a lot before helping people. You only think about your feeling, in your imaginary world, you only see you are good. Because of this, Sagittarius is called less intelligent. They take a lot of time for them to take small decisions, but one thing is very good about them, they see the big aspect of the problem, but still, they do not judge properly.

There is an existential intellect in Sagittarius. This sign has a lot to say about the human condition. Sagittarius frequently has an intriguing and insightful viewpoint since they are preoccupied with the meaning of life and death.


It is a bit difficult to say a person born in Aries is dumbest or intelligent, it is a mystery. There is a lack of emotion in you, you do not take people seriously, nor do you help them properly with their problems. You do not understand the seriousness of the situation and take everything as a joke. That’s why people think before giving you any big responsibility, they doubt your abilities. If you control your fragile gesture, then you can win people’s trust.

They don’t mind making fun of themselves in order to be the focus of attention, which they enjoy doing. You will always have fun if you are around these fire signals, so don’t worry.


Libra natives are number 4 on the list of dumbest zodiac signs. There is a lack of bravery in them, they are unable to find opportunities. They keep wandering in life, and in big problems, they retreat because of their inner fear. Libra understands people’s emotions correctly but helps according to their ability. They try to solve the problem wisely. They do not want to take any wrong decision, even if they have to repent later.


Your element is fire, you have pride and selfishness. Your power becomes your enemy, due to which you become foolish if you take any decision. Your pride will kill you one day. You try to do everything to get people’s attention towards you, in such a situation, sometimes you do many dumb things, due to which you are included in the list of dumbest zodiac signs.

You understand that everywhere you are right and the rest are wrong. They can develop into outstanding stand-up comedians if they make an effort to take themselves seriously.


Taurus natives are very less intelligent. They think that they are very intelligent, so they work very hard to prove their intelligence wherever they are. They do not come out of their world of comfort, they lack thoughts. They do not like it if someone rejects them, they take the rejection personally. Taureans are lazy and fearful, and because of this they do not stick to their ideas, they keep changing. This is the reason why this is number 5 on the list of dumbest zodiac signs. They are naive and encourage people to reach their goals.

When it comes to the material world, their intelligence is apparent. They then activate their acquired wisdom, carefully consider, and balance everything. Taurus people can do anything because their minds and body are in perfect harmony.

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