Eyes of Zodiac: Know the 12 Zodiac Signs Eyes and Their Shape

What is the first thing you see when you meet someone for the first time? There can be two answers to this question, either you see the person’s face or his eyes. Eyes are the identity of a person, they tell a lot without saying anything. By looking at the color, size, and shape of a person’s eyes, you can know about that person’s personality. Today we will tell you about the eyes of the zodiac signs.

There are many types of eyes in the whole world, brown, black, blue, small, big, round, almond shape, fish shape eyes, etc. According to Vedic astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs and each zodiac sign has specific eye characteristics. Know the detailed explanation of each eye of the zodiac.

12 Zodiac Eyes and Shape


Aries’ personality is bold and their eyes are almond-shaped. Mars ruler Aries talks with the person in front of him by making eye contact, his eyes are sharp, alert, and very focused. With a twinkle in their eyes, Aries are always curious and enthusiastic. His eyebrows are of arch shape, anger is visible in his eyes.


Taurus’ eyes are soft and round shaped, their eyes are sleepy, sexy, and gentle. They have big eyes, they are very emotional, sensitive types of people. They get motivated because of their emotions and make an identity of themselves in society. Their eyebrows are long and thin, they impress anyone with a glance.


According to Vedic Astrology, Gemini’s eyes are brown in color, they have hooded-shaped eyes. They are very less emotional, you will not understand anything from their eyes. The truth is not known by their eyes, they show something else to the person in front of their own free will.


Cancers with dark and round eyes are very gentle and calm. They have their mother’s eyes. That’s why Cancers are very soft-hearted, they come first to help others. They don’t worry about themselves, they even harm themselves to help others. This quality is rarely seen.


Leo individuals have close-set eyes which are brown in color. Their eyes are of charming and vibrant type, which can call the person in front in a glance. You should look into their eyes for a long time, otherwise, their gaze will pull you towards them. Leo can easily make anyone their own because their eyes are playful and seductive.


Vargo’s eyes are an open book. When you look closely, you will see everything clearly in the eyes. Their eyes tell everything, they don’t keep anything secret. Virgo’s eyes are very nervous and quick, they are very romantic. They are very observant, with their sharp eyes they can sense the activities around them.


Libra’s eyes are round and sparky type. They are cunning and flirty, they are experts in deceiving with their eyes. Depending on the individual, Libras with ascendant signs may have eyes that range from brown to hazel to pale green to blue. Their brows are thin, long, and sharp, which is expressive. When pushed to a volatile point, their eyes are dark and intense with a daring glare.


Scorpio Individuals have very beautiful wide set eyes. They do hypnosis with their eyes, their eyes are very sharp, and they scan everything. Scorpios speak with their eyes, this quality of theirs gets the person in front, to tell the truth. They are very adventurous in their life, they love to do research.


With small, dark eyes, Sagittarius sees a great deal of detail. They are very quick, they do not like artificial things, and they believe in straight talk. Their eyebrows are thick and arched, they do not change their course. They are explorers, they love to discover.


Capricorn Has Doe-Shaped eyes. Their eyes are glossy and remain focused on their target. Their eye color is black or blue and has thick eyelashes. By nature, Capricorns are very emotional and sensitive people, they solve the problems of their life in their own way. They are very smart, and Capricorns complete their work with less effort.


Aquarians with upward-slanting eyes are very enthusiastic. It is known from their eyes that they do not care for others, they are searching for something. They keep themselves alone and look at others with unknown eyes. Their eyes tell that they think very deeply, and they are very stubborn.


The eyes of the pieces are downward slanting and are of hazel color. Pisces have dreamy eyes, which are the best eyes of all the zodiac signs. They are of a very passionate nature, and because of this, they get dominated by people.

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