Gods Days of the Week: Know the Actual God Day With Name

Each day of the week represents a different god in the Hindu pantheon. Besides the Vratas and Upvaas, many Hindus also fast once a week. There are many legends connected to the fasting practices that take place on each day of the week, and each day of the week has its own unique focus.

Ravivar/Sunday (day of Sun) – Lord Surya Dev
Somvar/Monday (day of the Moon) – Lord Shiva
Mangalvar/Tuesday (day of Mars) – Lord Hanuman (Bajrang Bali)
Budhvar/Wednesday (day of Mercury) – Lord Ganesha
Vrihaspativar or Guruvar/Thursday (day of Jupiter) – Lord Vishnu
Shukravar/Friday (day of Venus) – Maa Durga/Maa Lakshmi or Santoshi Mata
Shanivar/Saturday (day of Saturn) – Shani Dev

Worship Different Days for Each God


Sunday, or Ravivar, is the day of Surya Dev, the Hindu Sun God. People learn quickly so they can become successful and famous. People with skin conditions are encouraged to fast and worship Lord Surya on this day.


On this day, known as Somvar or Monday, devotees of Lord Shiva often observe fasts or perform rituals in order to gain enlightenment.


It’s common knowledge that everyone celebrates Lord Hanuman on Tuesday, also known as Mangalvar. Eradicate the effects of the malefic Mangal Dosh and Shani Dosh by fasting on this day.


Budhvar, also known as Wednesday, is a day dedicated to both the Hindu god Ganesha and the planet Mercury. People fast in the hopes that it will bring them good fortune and help them overcome whatever problems they may be facing.


Vrihaspativar, or Thursday, is the day of Lord Vishnu, also known as Brihaspati Grah since it is ruled by Jupiter. The practice of worship on this day is thought to bring forth more money and good fortune. Married women around the world observe a fast on this day in the hopes of fostering marital harmony.


Shukravar, or Friday, is dedicated to the goddesses Maa Durga, Maa Lakshmi, and Santoshi Mata. It is another day to celebrate the love shared between husband and wife.


Saturday, also known as Shanivar, is one of the holiest days in Hinduism for eradicating misfortune and the malefic effects of the planet Saturn, also known as Lord Shanidev.

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