Best 45 Hopeless Romantics Quotes For Him and Her

Cinema and literature are rife with romantic stories. For young girls in particular, the appearance of Prince Charming in the shape of a Disney Prince or Hugh Grant creates a sense of security and optimism from an early age. What separates reality from fiction when it comes to love? Enter the realm of romantic idealists with me as we peruse these 45 Hopeless Romantics Quotes For Him and Her.

Quotes For Hopeless Romantics

  1. “Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.” ― Robert Frost
  2. “Being hopeless romantic stuck in a hook-up culture is a special kind of hell.”
  3. “One half of me is hopelessly romantic, the other half is so damn realistic.”
  4. “We are hopeless romantics, who still fall in love with words.” ― Avijeet Das
  5. “I’m personally a hopeless romantic. I always have been.” ― Brett Young
  6. “I am hopeless romantic and I love to spoil my girlfriends.” ― Orlando Bloom
  7. “Love is like the wind, you can’t see it, but you can feel it.” ― Nicholas Sparks
  8. “I have commitment issues. I’m afraid of rejection. Yet I’m a hopeless romantic.”
  9. “Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” ― Emily Bronte
  10. “Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.” ― H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
  11. “In a world full of temporary things you are a perpetual feeling.” ― Sanober Khan
  12. “I’m a hopeless romantic and a believer in handwritten letters.” ― Mithila Palkar
  13. “All, everything that I understand, I only understand because I love.” ― Leo Tolstoy
  14. “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” ― David Bowie
  15. “Nothing is more excruciating than hopelessly longing for lost love.” ― Ken Poirot

Hopeless Romantic Instagram Captions

  1. “I will always be hopeless romantic, more often pathetic than heroic.” ― Chris Lowell
  2. “A hopeless romantic once said, love her or leave her, if she wants she’ll stay.” ― Aishini
  3. “I’m a hopeless romantic and passionate person when it comes to love.” ― Jennifer Lopez
  4. “I’m a hopeless romantic that’s been waiting for someone to come into my life and see the secret self I’ve hidden from the world.”
  5. “I’m a hopeless romantic. I buy things because I fall in love with them. I never buy anything just because it’s valuable.” ― Iris Apfel
  6. “I saw that you were perfect and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more.” ― Angelita Lim
  7. Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.” ― Antoine de Saint-Eupery
  8. People don’t fall in love with each other because it’s convenient. They fall in love because they fall in love, and that’s it.” ― Harriet Evans
  9. “I’m a hopeless romantic, the goal is to marry you. Build with you. Grow with you. I’m not dating you just to pass time, I see potential in you.”
  10. “So here it comes, the big one. Don’t be afraid to fall in love again. Watch out for that signal when life as you know it ends.” ― Gerard Butler
  11. “Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it; let’s do it, let’s fall in love.” ― Cole Porter
  12. “I’m not done with love, but I refuse to settle. I am a hopeless romantic. And I won’t stop till I get it right.” ― Halle Berry
  13. I am a bit of a hopeless romantic. I really do have faith and a belief in love, and when I love, I love hard.” ― Melanie Fiona
  14. “Love to me has meant different things at different junctures of my life. I’m not a hopeless romantic.” ― Randeep Hooda
  15. “Tell her you to love her. You’ve got nothing to lose and you’ll always regret it if you don’t.” ― Daniel

Quotes For Hopeless Love

  1. “As a hopeless romantic, I’m drawn to stories of improbable beginnings.” ― Mary Kay Andrews
  2. “I used to be a hopeless romantic – I fell in love with everyone I went out with.” ― Jeremy London
  3. “So it’s not gonna be easy. It’s going to be really hard; we’re gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, every day. You and me… every day.”
  4. “I’m still a hopeless romantic who still believes letters are much more beautiful than text messages.”
  5. “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” ― Dr. Seuss
  6. “Our story has three parts: a beginning, a middle, and an end. And although this is the way all stories unfold, I still can’t believe that ours didn’t go on forever.”
  7. Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” ― Lao Tzu
  8. “I’m not a hopeless romantic. I’m quite the reverse. I’m a nasty piece of work, an egomaniac.” ― Hugh Grant
  9. “The number one way to attract love is to make yourself into a vessel that can receive it.”
  10. “And the thing with a hopeless romantic is… That he remains in love forever, with a hope.” ― Rohan Rathore
  11. “I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this…”
  12. “I wanted so badly to lie down next to her on the couch, to wrap my arms around her and sleep. Not fuck, like in those movies. Not even have sex. Just sleep together in the most innocent sense of the phrase.”
  13. “I refuse to believe that love won’t be mine one day. It’s hard to fight that belief on some days, I’ll be honest, but one thing I’m realizing is that you can’t force love.”
  14. “One day you meet someone and for some inexplicable reason, you feel more connected to this stranger than anyone else— closer to them than your closest family.”
  15. “I saw that you were perfect and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more.”

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