Is it Normal for My Girlfriend to Hit Me? Know the Answer

Are you searching Is it Normal for My Girlfriend to Hit Me? then you are on the right platform. Making relations is the identity of humans, and we can’t live without making relationships. Now the relationship between men and women is very common and necessary also for both. In the modern world, boys and girls come into relationships at a very early age, but they don’t know that maintaining relationships is still one of the most difficult tasks, especially when their minds are not stable at an early age. And that’s why today, most relationships become toxic in very less time.

Having a toxic relationship is one of the most devastating things in any human’s life, and it can break them completely from the inside. Disagreements are very common in every relationship and can be easily solved through healthy discussions, but today it can be seen that people adopt violence very easily. Even in case of little disputes, people started abusing and hitting each other, which is very dangerous for society as well as the upcoming generation.

Violence and abuse can’t be accepted in any case, and this applies to both males and females. Now it is said that we are living in a male-dominated society where males on females mostly do violence and abuse. But no one raises the violence and abuse of males by females. In most cases, males ignore the violence or abuse done by their female partners due to the fear of losing them. In simple words, males usually believe violence done by their girlfriend or partner is normal but is it really normal? So, is it normal for my girlfriend to hit me if you are searching? You are in the right place.

Is it Ok for My Girlfriend to Hit Me?

The simple answer is No. As said earlier, violence is not accepted in any way and by anyone. If your girlfriend hits you, you don’t have to take it normally, and if she hits you every time, it’s time to say Good Bye to your relationship. And if she tries to stop you from leaving the relationship, you can take the help of the Police. Remaining in such relationships may harm you more severely in future because if your girlfriend hits you, it simply means she doesn’t love you. Just remember one thing, whether male or female, if your partner truly loves you, he/she will never try to hurt you in any way.

So don’t think that if your girlfriend hits you, she is doing so because she loves you or cares for you because violence can never be a sign of love or care. Hitting here means all types of hitting; even if your girlfriend slaps you gently, you should be cautious because this may be the start of her dominating side. Simply put, if you start ignoring her mild hitting actions, she will increase her domination and intensity of hitting. So it’s better to be alerted and tell your position strictly in front of her at the early stages of your relationship.

Why My Girlfriend Hits Me? Know These 5 Reasons

There may be several reasons why your girlfriend hits you. Let’s see some common reasons behind the toxic behaviour of your girlfriend.

1. To Dominate

Well, in most relationships, it is said that male dominates, but this is not true, especially in the modern world. Today females have equal rights as men, and society always supports females, so many girls try to dominate their partners. Firstly she tries to abuse or hit you gently and occasionally, and if you start ignoring this as a sign of love, she starts to dominate you, and their occasional behaviour becomes the new normal.

2. Depends on Behaviour

This is the most common reason in the case of men as well as women. Some people are angry and aggressive in behaviour, which means they can’t handle their emotions, especially anger. Not only in their love relationship, but they also became aggressive with everyone they used to talk to or live with. So if your girlfriend hits you regularly, she may be aggressive in behaviour and can’t handle her anger. The simple solution is to take her to a doctor.

3. No Respect and Love

Love and respect are interconnected, and if your girlfriend hits you, she definitely neither loves you nor respects you. Maybe she doesn’t want to continue with the relationship, but she is staying with you due to some compulsions. It also shows that there is no love and respect left in her heart for you, which is a sign of her falling in love with some other person. This is very common because, in most cases, relationships become toxic when some third person comes in between.

4. You are Cheating

This case somewhat justifies your girlfriend hitting you, but it doesn’t mean it is normal. Suppose you are having an affair with someone else; even when you are in a relationship, it is obvious that your partner will not accept this. This applies to males as well as females. Simply put, if your girlfriend finds you cheating on her, she has the right to argue with you and show her anger, but still, hitting or violence is unacceptable. The simple solution to this problem is to end your relationship mutually and move on.

5. She Wants Attention

This is also a possible reason because males and females both do everything to get the attention of their partners. If you are not giving proper attention to your girlfriend, she may hit you sometimes to get your attention. However, it is not a good practice to get attention, but still, many people do this. It is a well-proven fact that negative things get more and longer attention, so by hitting you, she wants to tell you that give her enough time; otherwise, it will be harmful to you.


Facing complexity in relationships is very common, and everyone has to undergo this phase, but hurting anyone is not acceptable, especially physically. The simple meaning to love is forgiveness, kindness, care and worry. So if someone loves you, he/she will never hit you, and if he/she hits you, you have to solve this instantly; otherwise, it will become a serious headache for you. Communication is the best way to solve this issue, and if there is no love, nothing can solve this issue. All you have to do is put yourself out of the relationship.

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