20+ Last of Us Show Quotes to Survive

The best Quotes from The Last of Us either have a broader significance that summarizes specific parts of the program or represent an unforgettable event. The major characters in The Last of Us are Joel and Ellie, but numerous other characters provide memorable and intriguing lines.

Awesome Last of Us Quotes

  1. “I Guess No Matter How Hard You Try, You Can’t Escape Your Past.”
  2. “Yeah, Well, Just Try Not To Let Your Guard Down.”
  3. “They Sacrifice The Few To Save The Many.”
  4. “It’s Called Luck, And It Is Gonna Run Out.”
  5. “If I Ever Were To Lose You, I’d Surely Lose Myself.”
  6. “Don’t You Have A Plan B?”
  7. “I’m Glad I Didn’t Get My Head Blown Off By A Goddamn Kid.”
  8. “You Have No Idea What Loss Is.”
  9. “And Just So We’re Clear About Back There… It Was Either Him Or Me.”
  10. “Endure And Survive.”
  11. “Everything Happens For A Reason”
  12. “If Somehow The Lord Gave Me A Second Chance…I Would Do It All Over Again.”
  13. “A Bad Reputation Doesn’t Mean You’re Bad”
  14. “…No Matter What, You Keep Finding Something To Fight For.”
  15. “You’re Right. You’re Not My Daughter- And I Sure As Hell Ain’t Your Dad. And We Are Going Our Separate Ways.”
  16. “We Can Just Be All Poetic And Lose Our Minds Together”
  17. “Why Don’t You Just Say Whatever Speech You’ve Got Rehearsed And Get This Over With.”
  18. “What Is The Downside To Eating A Clock? It’s Time-Consuming.”
  19. “No, We Are Survivors!”
  20. “If You Turn Into A Monster, Is It Still You Inside?”
  21. “Tommy Saw The World One Way, I Saw The Other.”
  22. “You Want To Know The Best Thing About My Job? I Don’t Gotta Know Why.”
  23. “If I Get In Trouble Down There, You Make Every Shot Count.”
  24. “Ellie, You’re Treading On Some Mighty Thin Ice Here.”

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