Best 60 Lobster Puns and Jokes

Lobsters don’t share because they are shellfish.

The lobster answers the phone starting with the word shello.

The favorite shot in tennis for the lobster is the lob.

If you ever cross a lobster and a telephone, you will end up with snappy talk.

I know someone who is really good at plumbing, but I lobster number.

The lobster was so huge, it was one shell of a creature.

All the lobsters gathered by the shore as the crushed Asians were pulled out one by one.

The lobster crabbed the phone and answered harshly at the person on the other side of the line.

In the midst of the conversation, the lobster was confused and said, “please be more pacific.”

When the crate turned up empty, the lobsterman said, “It a-piers we have a problem.”

In their disagreement, the lobster couple said to each other, “I don’t think we quite a sea it that way.”

The lobster wears seashells because it has outgrown its B-shells.

The lobsters are at the bottom of the sea because they dropped out of school.

The lobster said to the shrimp, “I know it may sound like shellfish, but I want you to be in this company forever.”

Out of pier pressure, the lobster started doing drugs.

The lobster didn’t have a good day. It started feeling crabby from the morning.

Every lobster was out celebrating because tis the sea-son.

He came to him with a lobster in one hand and a glass of beer on the other. He said, “Shell we dance?”

When the lobster was asked why it tasted differently from the other freshwater crustaceans, it said, “The ocean made me salty.”

The lobster crossed the road so that it could get to the other tide.

The ocean said nothing to the lobster, it just waved.

A shellfish called his Chinese lobster friend a crust-asian.

The lobster cooked for his family and they said it was souper good.

A lobster was crying. Being asked, he said that his teacher called him a lost claws.

A crab called the lobster and he picked the phone and said “Shello”.

After a great performance in tennis, the coach called him a lob-star.

As a huge lobster was approaching, the little crab whispered “That’s a s-hell of a creature”.

You should never host a lobster race since all shell will break loose.

After witnessing a crime on the streets, the brave lobster crabbed the phone and called the police.

The police asked the lobster to be more pacific while describing the crime.

All the sea creatures were celebrating the holiday sea-son.

A lobster asked his prom date, “Shell you dance with me?”

While playing hide and seek, a lobster screamed, “I can’t sea you!”

A lobster left home out of pier-pressure.

“The sea a-piers to be dark blue today”, says the lobster.

The lobster greeted the ocean in the morning and the ocean waved back at him.

The lobster blushed because the sea weed.

When going to the math class, the lobster wore an algae-bra.

Where do lobsters go to borrow money? The prawn broker.

Why did the lobster lie at the bottom of the ocean with twitches? It had a nervous wreck.

Why do lobsters take so long to learn the basics of the alphabet? It is because they spend many years at C.

A lobster needed money so he went to the prawn-broker.

The doctor told the sick lobster to get some more vitamin-sea.

The lobster told the salmon, it is because you have a cod father that you are successful.

Did you hear of the red lobsters that were massacred by the blue lobsters? The whole sea-n was marooned.

The lawyer tried to sue the lobster for biting off his limbs. He didn’t have anything to point at.

What did the wise lobster tell his son? Keep your friends close and your piers closer.

Why did the lobster become broke? Because it was shelling out money.

The lobster bombed the hotel because it was licensed to shell.

Why did the lobster have its meal early? The food was served on a first come first surfed basis.

The lobster knew what his responsibilities were but didn’t know his tidal.

A lobster needed money so he went to the prawn-broker.

The doctor told the sick lobster to get some more vitamin-sea.

Lobsters have been trained not to allow a turtle stranger into their premises.

Whenever I hear about the cruel murder of the lobster family, it sands shivers down my spine.

The common type of temperament of lobsters is sandguine.

The lobster wanted to jump into the pot of boiling water and everybody thought he was cray-sea.

Lobsters are sailective eaters, they go for specific foods.

The very motivated lobster advised his friends, “Seas the day.”

“If there is a will, there will be a wave” says the wise old lobster to his grandchildren.

The clam called the lobster shellfish as she never shared her pearl.

The little crab said he is happy as a clam when in school.

The old crab couple were shellibrating life at the beach party with the younger ones.

Even after being struck down several times, the lobster went with the float.

The lobster did not make many friends as he was crabby most of the time.

The good lobster friend always tides to help his friend in need.

The teacher asked if the students were undersanding the lessons.

During Christmas, the lobster tide his gifts on the Christmas tree.

The lobster had fished for a boat on his birthday.

A bachelor crab was thinking about marrying. The other crab asked if he was shore about the decision.

The lobster claimed that he was closely tide to his job.

When everybody was wondering what to eat, the lobster stepped up and said, “Water boat having tofu curry for dinner.”

Do not bother the lobster because he is very crabby all the time.

Do you hear about the lobster at the party yesterday? It went there in the hot tub!

Lobsters are too bad at relationships because they are always shellfish.

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