Masi Magam 2023 Date, Time, Celebrations, and Significance

Masi Magam is a major festival in southern India that is of paramount importance to the Tamils. The celebration occurs during the Tamil month Masi, which overlaps with February and March for a few days.

The festival is observed on the day of the Masi month when the full moon aligns with the Magha star (Nakshatra), which is regarded as a particularly potent full moon day. This occurs once a year and is regarded as extremely fortunate.

Temple-worshipped statues of gods and goddesses are taken in procession to seashores, rivers, or ponds. Here, pujas and rituals are performed, and tens of thousands of people congregate to see the occasion.

Masi Magam 2023 Date

Masi Magam On Monday 6th March 2023
Masi Magam Muhurtham:
Magam Nakshathram Starts – at 9:30 PM on 05 March 2023
Magam Nakshathram Ends – at 12:04 AM on 07 March 2023

Rituals and Celebrations on Masi Magam

  • The most important aspect of the festival is the bathing of the deities in the waters of ‘Theerthavari’ or the Bay of Bengal.
  • Early in the morning, devotees would congregate near the shoreline to offer prayers.
  • On this day, the idols of the temple’s deities receive a sacramental bath near bodies of water and are carried in procession.
  • Thousands of people assemble on this auspicious occasion to participate in Poojas and rituals that are celebrated with pomp and reverence.
  • Gaja-Pooja, which venerates the elephant, and Ashwa-Pooja, which venerates the horse, are two of the most prominent.

Benefits of Celebrating Masi Magam Festival

  • Happiness and tranquilly will be returned to those who commemorate this day with fervour.
  • Receiving the blessings of ancestors and appeasing the deceased ancestors for their favour.
  • Beneficial health, prosperity, and intelligence will be awarded.
  • Negative energy is cleansed and life is filled with happiness and happy thoughts. If Magham is commemorated with devotion and piety, solutions to difficult problems will come readily.

Significance of Masi Magam 2023

  • This day is of tremendous significance in Pondicherry, Kumbakonam, Srirangam, and countless other shrines dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Shiva, and Shakti in South India, as well as other places of the world with a significant Tamil-speaking population.
  • Magha is regarded as the birth star of kings and ancestors. It is thought that on this day, a celestial creature descends to earth to cleanse the Karma of humanity. This day is considered to combine the wealth of the full moon with the celestial bounty of the Magha star. Consequently, today is a rare opportunity to connect with your divine essence and attain spirituality.
  • On the Masi Magam, it is thought that those who bathe in the seas, rivers, or ponds will obtain Moksha.
  • Once every twelve years, Masi Magam acquires particular significance and is referred to as Maha Maham. The next Mahamaham is in 2028.


1. What is Masi Magam festival?

Ans – The ‘Masi Magam’ occurs on the day of the full moon in the Tamil month of Masi (February-March). In light of the event, all schools in Puducherry and Karaikal were closed.

2. Is Maasi month good for marriage?

Ans – In Tamil Nadu, the month of Masi is considered auspicious for beginning new endeavours, beginning weddings, building houses and other good activities.

3. Which God is special for Masi Magam?

Ans – On a Magha star day in the Tamil month of Masi, Lord Shiva discovered the Amrit-filled pot. With the blessings of your ancestors, therefore, Masi Magham is a great time to live a healthy life and set new ambitions.

4. How is Masi Magam celebrated?

Ans – On the day of Masi Magam, devotees assemble near holy water bodies and immerse themselves in the water to cleanse themselves of their sins from this and previous lives. It is also thought that dipping in holy water will erase Pitra Dosh by obtaining the blessings of the ancestors.

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