Neptune Sextile Pluto Meaning, Natal, Synastry, Transit Etc

The ramifications of planetary motions on human existence are far-reaching. In contrast to Pluto, who rules over the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, Neptune is revered as the deity of the sea and is often connected with illusion, inspiration, and dreams. Learning how the Neptune sextile Pluto aspect manifests in your life can help you get insight into who you are and how to handle challenging situations.

What is Neptune Sextile Pluto Means in Astrology?

When two planets in a natal chart make a 60-degree angle to one another, we call that a sextile. When planets are sextile to one another, their energies are mutually supportive. They don’t stifle one another, so ideas and possibilities can move freely from one sphere of your life to another. This is quite close to a trine in nature. The only real difference is that the planets are cooperating to increase each other’s power.

A person with Neptune sextile Pluto is highly creative and has a knack for coming up with novel solutions to problems. They are fearless adventurers, always ready to forge forth into the unknown. Those that lean toward this trait strive to build a more modern, forward-thinking worldview and dislike conservatism in thought. They are picky about how things are done and prefer to steer the ship themselves.

Neptune Sextile Pluto Characteristics

  • The Neptune Pluto sextile in a natal chart indicates strong spiritual awareness and the encouragement to follow one’s haunches.
  • You will be more perceptive than usual during the Neptune sextile Pluto transit, and not everything you see will settle well with you.
  • The fantastical, realm of dreams and imagination is ruled by Neptune.
  • Planets in a sextile aspect have a positive mutual influence when they are sixty degrees apart in their respective signs.
  • Pluto rules over the cycles of birth and death, wealth, lust, and power dynamics.
  • The cast of famous people includes Willem Dafoe, Freddie Prinze Jr., Theresa May, Nick Cave, the Duchess of Sussex, Bill Gates, Carrie Fisher, Martina Navratilova, and Alicia Silverstone.

Neptune Sextile Pluto Meaning

A Neptune sextile Pluto in a natal chart indicates a bold, risk-taking individual who thrives on the unknown. Such people are not afraid to take on challenging tasks that are beyond their usual routine. It broadens one’s view of what people are capable of and what is true.

You have an evolutionary intuition that drives you to dismantle conventional wisdom and cliches in favor of a more modern, pure ideology. The subconscious is where you feel the strongest bonds to the rest of humanity. You have a tendency to organize things in the way that best suits you since you are a control freak. You even try to bring order to the confusion that might accompany even the most elementary activities.

Neptune’s sextile to Pluto in a person’s horoscope helps them tap into their spiritual side and use their abilities for the greater good. You stand out because you have the courage to defend people’s rights to freedom of thought, expression, and belief. You have no qualms about being blunt while others might be more inclined to be indirect. If you were born with this element, you have a strong desire for personal development and growth, as well as a firm belief in your own power to affect events and the behavior of others.

Neptune Sextile Pluto Transit

The influence of a transiting Neptune sextile Pluto is analogous to that of the natal aspect. It has a profound effect on people’s sensitivity. Once the transit period begins, it’s time to wake up and take your relationships to the next level by broadening your horizons.

Neptune’s sextile to Pluto encourages you to prioritize spiritual growth over material success. It fills you with the unadulterated feelings of love and devotion for which you’ve longed.

The change indicates that you are being guided by the divine realm to find your perfect match. Your true love will come into your life and make you feel whole, feeding your spirit and enhancing your appreciation for life’s many gifts. Do not put too much pressure on yourself if things do not go as planned. Realize that positive change takes time to manifest. Having patience will provide you with wonderful opportunities and experiences. Don’t stress out. Be patient and you will soon be able to explore your inner mystical self.

Characteristics of Women With Neptune Sextile Pluto

When Neptune is in sextile to Pluto, a woman’s demeanor might become highly interesting. They consider themselves to be exceptionally bright and take great satisfaction in their many academic achievements. These ladies consistently outperform their contemporaries and know exactly what they’re capable of.

Women who have this trait are extremely driven and focused. They don’t let things like interpersonal connections or material comforts derail them from their mission. Their work lives are well-planned and regimented, but their private lives are a different story. Those around them dislike them because they are control freaks.

People enjoy organizing their life in advance. When things don’t go as planned or when the unexpected occurs, they have a hard time adjusting. This trait has the most negative impact on romantic partnerships. This trait is common in strong-willed women who want to drive rather than ride shotguns in a relationship. The effect on their companion is one of being suffocated and uneasy.

Characteristics of Men With Neptune Sextile Pluto

When Neptune is sextile Pluto, it has tremendous sway over males. It fosters risk-takers who ultimately alter the trajectory of their chosen fields. Guys that have this trait are naturally inquisitive. They enjoy getting to the bottom of things in order to improve them, whether it be a building, a set of beliefs, or a piece of technology. They have a proactive outlook on life and are not afraid to take the reins.

They have an expansive worldview and recognize their place within a larger collective awareness. Guys who lean heavily on this tenet are introverted and fascinated by the esoteric. They investigate both mainstream and alternative methods of enlightenment in an effort to advance their own spiritual development. They have no friends or social life as children, but once they find their niche in the workforce, they blossom into confident adults.

Synastry and Relationships During Neptune’s Sextile Pluto

The influence of the planets on love lives can be deduced through synastric analysis. Sextile Neptune As the harmonious conjunction of twin flames or kindred souls, Pluto is a benefic aspect for couples.

When this quality is present, it shows that the partners care about and respect each other emotionally and intellectually. Despite the challenges they’ve endured individually and collectively, they are able to find harmony with one another.

They just wanted someone to love them for who they were and not change a thing about them. They realized that each other was the missing piece to their puzzle. Partners who value commitment more than petty differences tend to be impacted by this quality.

The foundation of this connection is trust, which is built on open and honest communication. The only potential issue is that either person has experienced trauma in a previous romantic relationship. Their current connection may be impacted. Together, they can weather any storm because of the mutual support, understanding, and dedication that they bring to the partnership.

In Conclusion

Neptune’s sextile to Pluto in your birth chart enhances your receptivity to mysticism and the transmission of valuable lessons. You’re told to wait and see what happens. Instead of blindly following your ideals, take a methodical and realistic approach to maximize your potential. Neptune’s and Pluto’s sextile encourages you to strive for greater spiritual and social effectiveness.

Avoid being bogged down by complications by keeping things simple. The sextile of planets has bestowed upon you the wisdom to champion liberation and fairness. Avoid being let down by others and yourself by keeping your expectations low and working toward inner and outer peace and prosperity.

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