New Moon in Aries 2023 Meaning, Effect, and Impact on Other Zodiac

On March 21 at 1:23 pm ET, a new moon will appear in the sign of Aries. A day after the renewed ritual of the Spring Equinox, this lunation follows on its heels, neigh, the split hooves of the sun moving into the sign of the ram. When spring arrives, the first sign of the zodiac is Aries, the courageous and fearless cardinal fire sign that ushers in a new astrological year.

This new moon occurs at 0 degrees Aries, highlighting the significance of a fresh start and the virtues of courage, competition, and compassion. Put the past in the past; the future is yours to determine. Degree 0 of a zodiac sign is the purest and most distilled form of that sign in astrology. In addition, this new moon will give us insight into the future because it will be the first to rise in the sign of Aries. Since the full moon in Aries occurs on September 29, whatever you initiate now will bear fruit over the next six months. The fact that the new moon will appear at 1:23 is also a positive numerological indicator that we are embarking on an ascent.

Influence of Planet Mars

Mars, the fiery planet of war, self-realization via direct action, sex, and sports vehicles, rules the sign of Aries. This means there will be no shortage of energy on Mars during the lunation. There will be even more potential since the New Moon will be in a tense square to Mars in Gemini. Mars in Gemini is unpredictable and can act in irrational ways, like a half-starved coyote with a deliriously funny drug. If the past few months of Pisces have left you feeling sleepy or unmotivated, this New Moon and the beginning of Aries season should serve to awaken you and set you on fire. It’s not going to be easy or subtle, but it will spur innovation in the end. Join me in the springtime forge; the future is ours to create.

This week also saw the movement of Mercury, the planet associated with communication, into Aries, where it is currently in close proximity to the sun and moon. Mercury, being most at home amid the fires of Aries, can amplify the intensity and impulsiveness of both discourse and conflict. At all times, I urge everyone to speak the truth but to do so with an eye toward moderation and open communication rather than severing ties and causing damage.

Mars in Gemini is the new moon’s ruling planet because Aries is where it occurs. Mars is the planet of action and passion, as well as violence and competition, according to astrology. Since the new moon is also in opposition to Mars, a lot of explosive energy is building up to a climax during this lunation. To ease you into a new age, things can start off slowly and quietly. There are times when things start with a thud, jolting you from your complacency and requiring you to take urgent action. It’s important to remember, as things begin to move at a breakneck pace, that this new moon is a reminder that you’re more than up to the challenge of not only keeping up but helping to set the tone.

New Moon March 2023 Impact on Other Zodiac Signs


The goal of humanitarianism can only be achieved if people take back their agency and give to the causes they care about deeply.


Make use of this lunar cycle to regain your self-assurance and deal with any pressing matters you’ve been putting off.


Progression takes time and calls for cautious patience, an unstoppable force of nature.


You need to be a leader and take charge of your life and the lives of those around you.


You are experiencing a spiritual awakening at this time because you are undergoing a personal evolution during which you are learning more about who you are.


Despite the difficulty, you are approaching your financial situation with generosity and integrity.


You should now take stock of what you can offer people and what you want from each of your relationships.


Putting things on hold with the goal of properly improving yourself will prove beneficial.


Gratitude is the mindset that brings amazing gifts your way to enjoy the bountiful benefits that are coming.


You have to press on through the changes which could feel challenging, but you have all the resources at your fingers to succeed.


Holding back your emotions solves nothing at this moment, attempt to. Be honest and let them know how you feel.


Start a savings strategy to get in touch with your opulent side and embrace your fabulousness.

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