The 4 Perfect Aries Soulmate Signs: Find The Best Partner For Aries

Aries is not an easy-going, run-of-the-mill zodiac sign. It is influenced by Mars and commands respect, loyalty, and dominance. That is the reason why getting along with an Aries isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Aries soulmates would have to bring more than love to the plate, to make the combination complete. Mars is a planet known for its fiery surface and an Aries is just that. Full of rage, valor, and bravery. 

Who is Aries Soulmate?

Out of all the zodiac signs, only 4 qualify to be soulmates for Aries. However, before we get to those zodiac signs, it is worth taking a quick dive into the experience one has while being in a relationship with an Aries.

They are critical of others and not easily impressed. There is a lot of work required to make a dent in their minds. However, they are also supportive of others, when they are satisfied by the effort. Truth be told, they look for nothing short of perfection, and that by itself is a tall task.

One of the most common traits that Aries has is that they are dominating and more often than not, selfish.

The one qualifying as an Aries soulmate must be submissive. An Aries is a dominant star sign, and they look for those who will sway to their command. Their aggressive nature often becomes the focal point of a relationship.

While Aries is supportive of others, they expect the same from others. That said and done, one must not interfere in their personal space and trust them in all their ventures.

Now, this might scare potential Aries soulmates but there is more to them than just the potential hazards. Soulmates for Aries will be in for surprise once the individual has fallen in love.  Nothing then is a challenge. No mountain too high, no ocean too deep for Aries to overcome. The tough and assertive Aries is a colossal lover and will go to any length to uphold the affection and respect of the partner.  So those who may wonder whether it is worth going over all the hassles to date an Aries, the answer to that would be Yes. If you are willing to hold on to an individual’s expressive exterior, then the rest of the journey would be one hell of a fun ride.

Who Are They?

There are four who qualify as the Aries soulmate sign.


This is the foremost Aries soulmate sign that can have a long-lasting relationship with the Aries. The reason is starkly simple. An Aries demands complete trust and support and who is better than an Aquarius? The emphatic answer to who is Aries soulmate is this star sign. Aquarians are overwhelmingly in love with their partners. They shed their egos and make themselves the center of their universe.

Aquarians are earnest from the bottom of their hearts, and this melts even the hardened Aries. It also helps in tempering the inner rage of the Mars-influenced star sign.

Coming to trust. No one beats an Aquarian. The Aquarius star sign is known for its trusting nature and their faith in Aries will remain unflinching and unwavering. This is one of the main reasons why an Aries will find Aquarius an attractive prospect and a perfect soulmate.

The explosive sexual chemistry and uninhibited love and bonding make this combination one for the ages.

What Makes Aries fall in love with Aquarius?
  • The stubbornness and hard-to-get demeanor intertwined with the fiery sexual energy is at the top of the charts.
  • No matter how hard the fight and how deep the scar is, communication between the two will never cease. They are both known to be masters in the art of negotiations.
  • Falling in love, every day, one brick at a time, is what they do best.


A close contender to Aquarius is the indomitable and free-spirited Sagittarius. If the ego is set aside, then the sexual tension between the two is sure to raise the temperature. Both the star signs are known for their obstinacy and hot-headedness. However, they are also known for their calculative moves. Hence, a combination of dialogue and sex is the best way forward. Both the star signs are passionate lovers and as the distance reduces, will the trust increase.


If love and lust were the only criteria that made the world, then Aries would have never let Leo leave. This is a combination that is built on trust, love, and communication. A Leo understands an Aries. They value their relationship with the aggressive partner. A Leo may not be easy to handle by themselves but leave them with an Aries and watch them play.

The free-spirited Leo and the stubborn Aries would elicit jealousy and that may result in certain acrimony, but nothing stands in the way of volatile sex. What also helps is that Leo is the first one who sheds the ego and starts a dialogue.

Paeans can be sung in honor of the mercurial Leo, but they would always fall short of the unpredictability that the star sign brings. Probably that is its greatest strength.


What happens when two bulls meet in an arena? They refuse to back down.  However, when they team up, the world becomes their amphitheater.  A Scorpio is a bountiful lover and so is Leo. They submit to each other and succumb to the needs of nature.  Fights will happen, jealousy will ensue, and moments of silence will prevail, but no one will be able to separate them. Not in a thousand years. If it comes to pass, the Scorpio will be first to accept fault and start a discussion. No one understands the Aries better than a Scorpio and that has been proved beyond any doubt.

The Aries soulmate must be an amalgamation of patience, stubbornness, never gives up attitude for beyond the angst of an Aries heart, lies a teammate for life.

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1. What sign should an Aries marry?

Ans – Among the zodiac signs, Gemini, Leo, and Sagittarius are the best matches for an Aries. Relationships based on these compatibilities are more likely to be stable, fulfilling partnerships.

2. What sign is Aries attracted to?

Ans – The sign opposite Aries, Libra, seems to attract many Aries. Libra can see things from other people’s perspectives and keep the peace in relationships, while Aries tends to be self-centered and aggressive.

3. Who is Aries Soulmate?

Ans – Out of all the zodiac signs, only 4 qualify to be soulmates for Aries. However, before we get to those zodiac signs, it is worth taking a quick dive into the experience one has while being in a relationship with an Aries.

4. What is Aries best mate?

Ans – This gregarious fire sign gets along best with Leo, Sagittarius, and Libra. Cancers, Capricorns, and Virgos, on the other hand, are not good mates for Aries.

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