5 Perfect Capricorn Soulmate Signs: Best Partner For Capricorn

Capricorn is looking for a partner who is willing to listen to them. Soulmates for Capricorn must be able to bring out their softer and kinder selves of them.  However, that doesn’t mean it is all mushy and velvet. Capricorns are hardnosed and business-minded and when the time comes for brass-tacks, they are the ones leading the way. Hence it is necessary for Capricorn soulmates to be able to strike a balance.

What may also unnerve a potential Capricorn soulmate is the ruthless practicality they exude. Most Capricorn soulmates will not be able to adjust to the ground to the Earth wisdom of the Capricorn. It will require an effort to impress a Capricorn and they are most unwilling to open their hearts.

However, when they do there is no more looking back. The dry humor and the “till-do-us-apart” attitude will make the Capricorn soulmate an astonishing partner and a friend for life. Let us have a look at the Capricorn soulmate signs, who qualify to become their partners for life.


Opposites attract. That is true when it comes to Capricorn and Cancer. They are amongst the truest of Soulmates for Capricorn. This compatibility arises because they are both sister signs. Cancer has a water element. This allows them to understand and evaluate emotions better. Capricorn has a logical approach to everything and while it may not be serene and beautiful, it is steeped in practical knowledge and ultimately, helpful. So how do they complement each other?

Cancer’s emotional edge can soften the rough patches that may appear on a Capricorn. This allows the Capricorn to gradually open their inner self.  Capricorn helps Cancer to remain grounded and become more practical and logical. However, despite their placement in the Zodiac calendar, there is a lot more in common than anticipated. Both are cardinal; signs that would mean they are always on the lookout for something new. They also exhibit leadership qualities and are able to navigate through turbulence.


If darkness had a shade, then this duo would be leading the way. Both are edgy and aggressive and are capable of great things. When they team up, it is for the world to see. Scorpio is a leading Capricorn soulmate sign and is able to form a lifelong alliance with them. Both have many similarities. A Scorpio and A Capricorn do not love revealing their inner selves too easily.

They take their time but when they do, it is a forever bond. This duo is fantastic intellectually. As a matter of fact, they invigorate each other through their collective wisdom. Such is the unparalleled confidence that they have in themselves, that the rest of the pairings may almost become an object of mockery. The pair will create their own little universe and prefer to live there forever.

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The leader of the pack, with the Lion as the symbol, makes for an interesting pairing. The answer to “Who is Capricorn soulmate?” would have been a Leo. They are in many ways similar and different too. Leo is a social butterfly whereas Capricorn is a reticent being, happy in their own shell. Leo will help the latter come out of their shelves, even though they thoroughly enjoy being in one. On the other hand, Leo is the dreamer whereas the hard-as-nail Capricorn can help the former get more practical and grounded.

They are opposite in other ways too. Leo is fixed whereas Capricorn is cardinal. This makes them a perfect team. They complement each other through their strengths. One of the best manners in which this team works is by bringing their different perspectives to the table. It helps that both of them are goal-oriented and never lose focus on the end objective. What is also admirable is that Leo and Capricorn give each other enough space to grow. The fun side to them both is that they are much in love with anything material. Ask for a gift and you get one.

Buy a gift and there is no end to love.  However, what sets this pairing apart is their explosive sexual chemistry. Now, most pairings have incredible sexual compatibility. This one is different. They will not just light the house on fire but perhaps the whole locality. When an aggressive pack of the herd makes love with a demure and reticent individual, expect a nuclear fallout.

However, let this be certain that none of them are shallow. They are deep thinkers, in their own way and love spending time introspecting about life and its various machinations.


Both are Earth signs. This means that they get on like a house on fire. However, they aren’t, in no way all dreamy-eyed and impractical. They understand the harsh reality of exitance and build their defenses likewise. Virgo is termed as nurturing and emotional whilst Capricorn is practical and logical. When the emotional quotient blends with the Intelligence quotient, all hell breaks loose, this can also be seen in their sexual chemistry. They are great lovers and die-hard romantics.

They may not be opening up fast and easily but when they do, it is all heaven and heart. Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury, which is the God of communication while that of Capricorn is Saturn, which signifies structure. This combination allows each other to provide relevance to the relationship. Virgo breaks through the exterior of Capricorn and touches the heart while Capricorn brings a semblance of orderliness to the life of Virgo.


Another weird combination here! Aquarius is the goofy individual and Capricorn is the serious, no-holds-barred, and ruthless kind. They meet and violins play in the background. What makes them such an enigmatic pair? To begin with their give-a-damn-attitude! Neither of them is concerned with what the world will think. They are far beyond any judgments of others. While Aquarius can help Capricorn overcome its rigidity, the latter can provide a sense of structure to the playful Aquarius. All in all, a partnership is made in the stars.

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