5 Perfect Scorpio Soulmate Signs: Find The Best Partner For Scorpio

Those born between October 23 – November 21, that is right in between fall, are called Scorpios. Through astrology, a lot of insight can be gained into the lives of a Scorpio and the kind of Scorpio soulmates one will get. Before we decipher the best Scorpio soulmate, let us first understand the traits of a typical Scorpio.

They are intense, brooding, and can be intimidating. The soulmates for Scorpio will have to delve deeper into the psyche of their partner to understand them better. A Scorpio is mysterious by nature and often has a dark side that they keep covered at all times. Scorpio is a heavy star and requires deft handling.  The Scorpio soulmate must be able to handle them in order to make the relationship work.

Let us look at the Scorpio soulmate signs which can make us likely partners.


They are sister signs and hence there will be many dissimilarities. A sister sign is one when it lies in the exact opposite direction of each other in the zodiac calendar. Scorpio is ruled by Mars while Taurus is ruled by Venus. The former is the God of War while the latter is the goddess of love. When they are paired they make the most beautiful combinations. Their marriages are said to be made in proverbial heaven. There is much to learn from each other. 

A Scorpio hates doormats. They want their partners to be assertive and independent. Taurus on the other hand can soften the stiff Scorpio a bit. This makes Taurus one of the best among all Scorpio soulmates. They are also fixed signs, being born in the middle of the season. Such conditions mean that they are strong on their commitments Scorpio is also a water sign which makes them sensitive. A Taurus will be able to take care of all the sensitivities that a Scorpio will exhibit.


They are both water signs and hence have an innate understanding of each other. They are well attuned to the challenges that both the star signs face. What makes the combination work is their modalities. Cancer is a cardinal sign, which makes them eager for newer projects while Scorpio is a fixed sign, and is the master of follow-through. They both have tough exteriors and it is difficult for the other star signs to get past them.

Cancer, symbolized by the crab is capable of breaking through the Scorpio.  The latter requires a lot of nurturing. Scorpios are capable individuals, fiercely independent, and ambitious. They are aggressive and have whimsical mood swings. However, they are also incredible lovers, leaders, and protectors. They can fight back in all situations  The fighter mentality of the Scorpio is what attracts them most. A Scorpio is not known to back down.  Cancer is among the foremost of Scorpio soulmate signs and now we know the reason.

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Scorpio is sensitive and Virgo provides attention and coming together makes them the best amongst the best. Soulmates for Scorpio need to be patient and calm. Their partner is a brooding individual who has their own whims and fancies. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which is the God of communication. Scorpio, as we already know is ruled by the God of War, Mars. The combination of both creates an explosive party.

They also have incredible sexual chemistry which is the envy of most other pairings. What works, is they are both introverts and open up to each other. They also allow space for each other and our understanding of the needs of one another. Being passionate lovers, Virgo can be deemed as the best answer to the question, “Who is Scorpio soulmate?”


Cynical to the core, this combination is also a fun pair to be. They both tend to look at the world through their obtuse angles and laugh off any other opinion that doesn’t match theirs. Because of this camaraderie, the Scorpio-Capricorn pairing is a must-have. They are adventurous and once the latter opens up, there is no looking back. Capricorn is a cardinal sign and Scorpio is a fixed one and this combination is lethal.

The former will begin to build while the latter will help and support and see the end of it. They are both reticent to the core and will not open up to each other immediately. However, when they do, the sky is the limit. Scorpio is more able to help Capricorn discover themselves while the latter can help the former take better logical decisions.

This pair is a slow burner. They will be on a slow boil and a time will come when it will boil over and the warmth will remain steady for a long time. Perhaps, forever. They will not be too probing to each other and the space that each will require to grow will be provided.


Both are sensitive and that helps them bond. It is vital to know that both Pisces and Scorpio are water signs and hence are emotional animals. Pisces comes with a kaleidoscopic imagination which will help Scorpio see the brighter side of life. The Latter will be able to keep the former grounded and not let false hopes fly. This is an intense match.

The sexual chemistry, though slow to start with, will finally light the house on fire. Their physical intimacy is the stuff of legends and there is no denying that. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, which is the God of Dreams, while Scorpio is ruled by the God of War, Mars. The combination of both is going to be nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. All that would be required is to let go of the fears and inhibition and hold on to each other.

Scorpio is an enigma, wrapped in dark paper. One must carefully and gradually unwrap them. The gem they will find within is one to keep. A Scorpio is a partnership for life and there is no limit to it.


1. What is a Scorpio’s best mate?

Ans – To sum up, Cancer, another water sign, is the finest choice for a Scorpio. Two signs that share an element are naturally suited to one another since they value the same things—trust and close relationships.

2. Who is mostly attracted to Scorpio?

Ans – Signs like Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces, and Virgo are generally said to get along best with Scorpio. Although the Taurus and Scorpio pairing may be challenging, it has the potential to flourish if given the chance.

3. What age Scorpio will find love?

Ans – It is said that a Scorpio’s soul partner can be found between the ages of 12 and 17. Even yet, being able to put two and two together at such a tender age bodes well for a successful relationship when you’re older.

4. Who will Scorpio woman marry?

Ans – In terms of compatibility, a Scorpio lady and a Pisces man make a beautiful couple. The fact that they are both water signs means that they are well suited to each other in many ways.

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