3 Perfect Virgo Soulmate Signs: Find The Best Partner For Virgo

Finding a soulmate is not an easy task and if it’s a Virgo for whom one is looking for a partner, then the task gets harder. A Virgo soulmate will have to keep up with the excessive energy that they generate. There aren’t many Virgo soulmate signs that can partner with them though all is not lost. Soulmates of Virgo will have to be energetic at all times and must be able to march alongside their partner, hand in hand and in all circumstances. Let us quickly have a look at some of the Virgo soulmate signs that make for potential partners.


Some of the qualities that Virgo will look for are energy, humility, independence, and ambition. Taurus provides them with all of it. Virgo suffers from overthinking and hence the soulmate for Virgo must be calm and add serenity to the relationship. The emotional bonding between the two is high and so is the trust factor. Both the stars’ signs are also trusting in nature and other than serious doubts, there won’t be any misgivings. Taurus and Virgo are excellent communicators and whenever there is strife, it would be doused at the first instance through mature discussions. The physical intimacy between the two is nothing short of fire. It is legendary. If one had to ask who Virgo soulmate is, then look no further, it is Taurus and will remain so for the rest of their life.

Some of the traits that make Taurus the best of Virgo soulmates:
  • They are calm and to the overthinking Virgo, it is a boon.
  • Both of them are eager to satiate each other in bed and hence there is no dearth of spark and fire. The sexual chemistry between the two is unclear and will never diminish.
  • There is a lot of mutual trust and admiration between the two and this is a sign of a healthy relationship. The question of loyalty doesn’t arise since they would be dying in each other’s arms.
  • It is pertinent to remember that Virgo isn’t fond of those who seek attention all the time. Clinginess is something that is abhorred. For a soulmate of Virgo to be able to able to partner with them, they must be independent and ambitious in their own rights.

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Capricorns are considered amongst the best Virgo soulmates for many reasons. They are quiet and calming characters that bring balance to the relationship. They are also considered to be avid thinkers and provide logic and reason. However, do not mistake a Capricorn as anything but boring and laid back. They are equally energetic and many times a Virgo will have to match their steps with them. Considered to be a similar Virgo soulmate, a Capricorn will have their task cut out since the latter does not fall in love at first sight, though there is always a strong desire to talk.  This brings us to physical intimacy.

The Virgo-Capricorn sexual chemistry is the stuff of legends. They are able to light the sheets on fire and there is no stopping them. Their intimacy quotient is probably the best among all the pairings and there is no sign that it will change in the coming years. This works as glue in the relationship, even though there are many other factors that are at work. Another often-overlooked trait is humor. One needs to be humorous to add color to life and both of them are humorous to the core.

This adds fun to conversations and that already is a winner.  This is one of the reasons why both of them fall in love with each other, either instantly or over a period of time. It is important to remember that looks, though important, are not always the deciding factor. Both of them will fall for each other’s looks but that is just one of the many other things that would be evaluated.


How can a Virgo ever resist Cancer? There is no chance they can. Cancer brings so much to the table that it is nigh impossible to look the other way. Both will have a strong emotional bond that will last a lifetime. Trust is infinite and there will never be a moment of doubt. Both of them are excellent communicators that will help in solving misgivings and strife. Sexual chemistry is something to be proud of since it is going to rock the bed. This duo is sure to paint the town red with their love and longing. What attracts Cancer is the loyalty Virgo exudes. The latter is not flirtatious at all and considers their partner to be at the center of the universe.

Both are able to channel each other’s energy into the relationship and that augurs well for the future. The reward of partnering with a soulmate who understands the inanities of life is blissful. For a Virgo to be Cancer is somewhat similar. There will never be a dull moment and no matter how tough the terrain, the journey will always be fun and adventurous. That there will be passionate sex and lovemaking is a force multiplier.


Virgo is an enigmatic character, one who requires a lot of partnering. They are capable people individually but tend to lose their way in a relationship. Soulmates of Virgo must be aware of the shortcomings before committing to the relationship. However, for a Virgo, once they are in one, there is no looking back. They will be putting maximum effort into making it work. A Virgo hates to lose, and a relationship is also a challenge for them which they won’t give up on easily.

Life partners are called such for a reason. They remain with one another for the rest of their lives.  Finding the best mate may be a task but being with one after that is a happy instance. If the partner happens to be a Virgo, then there is no looking back.

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