Rang Bhari Ekadashi 2023 Date, Time, Rituals, and Significance

Rang Bhari Ekadashi is an important holiday celebrated on the eleventh day of Phalgun month during the moon’s waxing phase. The celebration is related to Holi, which is celebrated a few days later. Rangbari Ekadasi 2023 date is March 3. This day is significant at the Kashi Vishwanath Temple and countless other Vishnu temples in northern India.

On this day, Shiva and Parvati are presented with Gulal (colored powder), sweets, and cannabis. For the rites, two miniature silver murtis of Shiva and Parvati are installed before the festival begins in the evening.

Rang Bhari Ekadashi 2023 Date

Friday, 03 March 2023

Rituals of Rangbhari Ekadashi

  • On this day, you should take a morning bath and worship Shiva-Parvati.
  • Apply gulal to the Shiva-Parvati statue or image. Offer cherished items to Lord Shiva.
  • On this particular day, Baba Vishwanath is dressed like a groom.
  • It is believed that Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati arrived in Kashi for the first time after their wedding on this day.
  • In Kashi, the celebration of Holi begins with colors well before the holiday.

Significance of Rangbhari Ekadashi

It is believed that on the day of Rangbhari Ekadashi, Lord Shankar sent Goddess Parvati to Kailash after performing a rite including her singing. In Varanasi, this day is celebrated with considerable grandeur. On this day, Lord Shiva’s procession returns to Kailash; therefore, Lord Shiva and Parvati’s palanquin is displayed in Varanasi. During this time, Shiva worshippers dance, sing, and play the Abir Gulal with much merriment. On this day, the residence of Baba Vishwanath is filled with excitement and a festival-like atmosphere.

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