Top 45 Robot Puns and Jokes For Robot Lovers

Do you want to put an end to your frown and flip it on its head with some hilarious robot puns and jokes? If so, maybe you can program some humor into your day with these punny robot jokes that are appropriate for younger audiences.

Robot Jokes for Adults

  1. Robots make boring public speakers because they just keep droning on.
  2. What kinds of food do robots eat? A bit of this and a byte of that.
  3. Where do kid robots love to go? To the big tent at the circuits.
  4. Why did the boy robot-like to play outside? He was solar-powered.
  5. The robot vacuum-cleaned the house roomba by roomba.
  6. The droid was excited by the meal I cooked him, until he took a byte.
  7. Mommy robot was so proud when baby robot learnt it’s first word. Da-ta.
  8. The robot had no choice but to go back to Earth as a ghost when he passed away. He just wasn’t able to rust in peace.
  9. The robot baby was crying so I gave him his robottle.
  10. The robot needed to drive his car to get to school, so he turned into a roadbot.
  11. I’ve started to make a robot that can write 500 robot jokes per minute. He’s a pro-to-type.
  12. “Rust in peace,” the robots sobbed, when they went to the robot funeral.
  13. In robot school, they like to take learning seriously. Every year they read, “All about Robots,” by Cy Borg.
  14. The robot was getting extremely angry. Everyone was really pushing his buttons.
  15. The robot decided to call the shoe shop. He needed to be rebooted.
  16. Be careful of robots! They byte!
  17. When a robot is in the junk pile, they just rust in peace.
  18. What do you call a robot member of a crew team? A row-bot.
  19. Why was the robot angry? Everyone kept pushing his buttons.
  20. Why are robots so insecure? They only have artificial intelligence.
  21. The robot visited the town cobbler. He needed to be rebooted.
  22. Why don’t robots like apples? Because they’re Androids.
  23. The angry robot had a real chip on his shoulder.

Robot Jokes One Liner

  1. The robot was embarrassed to change clothes in front of others. He had hardware and software, but no underwear.
  2. What do you call a Hispanic family of robots who live in Dallas? Tex-mechs.
  3. The most popular hairstyle of robots is droid-locks
  4. What sound does a robot sheep make? Be-e-e-p! Be-e-e-p!
  5. How do baby robots get their milk? From a ro-bottle.
  6. What is your favorite robot film? Raiders of the Lost Spark.
  7. Why did the robot cross the road? The chicken was out of order.
  8. Why did the robot go to the doctor? Because he had a virus.
  9. An accident on the freeway meant the robots all had to take the R2-Detour.
  10. Why was the robot worker tired when he got home? He had a hard drive.
  11. What did the robot in hiding say to the policeman? I am not the droid you are looking for.
  12. A favorite robot’s meal at Dell Taco is Silicone Carne.
  13. If you like your music with a side of theatre, I’d recommend you check out the music of Android Lloyd Webber.
  14. I got a new wireless robot in the post the other day. Our friendship has no strings attached.
  15. If you cross one robot with one tractor, you end up with a metal trans-farmer
  16. The robot fell out with all of his school friends. I had to call him up and have a word, he’s got a real chip in his shoulder.
  17. The policeman was mad when he caught the low-powered robot for the third time that week. He had to charge him with a battery.
  18. Robots hate listening to pop music. They’re heavy metal fans.
  19. I didn’t realize that ‘I Robot’ had a Middle Eastern sequel. They called it ‘I Ran’.
  20. If you have a friend who’s a robot, they’ll never cross you. They’re loyal because their love can’t be a bot.
  21. Robots don’t like to go to the UK on holiday, they prefer to take a trip to Wireland.
  22. If you take a robot to the arcade, you’ll have to go back to the Sparkanoid machine again and again.
  23. The doctor said he hadn’t seen anything like it. It appeared that the robot had a deadly virus.
  24. I found an android at the North Pole. I didn’t know there were snow boots there.

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