Shani Trayodashi (Shani Pradosh) 2023 Date, Rituals, Mantra, Benefits, and Importance

When the Hindu lunar fortnight’s thirteenth day, known as Trayodashi tithi, falls on a Saturday, it is celebrated as Shani Trayodashi. Those who attribute their woes to the Shani graham’s misplacement in their horoscopes would find this day to be of tremendous significance.

During a normal month, you’ll encounter two Pradosham days. It happens twice a year, once in Krishna Paksha and once in Shukla Paksha. Sins are forgiven, or repented of, in Pradosham. Shani Pradosh or Shani Trayodasi is celebrated when the Trayodasi Tithi falls on a Saturday. You’ll find Shani Deva among the Nava Graha.

Shani Trayodashi (Shani Pradosh) 2023 Dates

18th February 2023, Saturday

04th March 2023, Saturday

01st July 2023, Saturday

The puja for Shani Pradosh should be performed at nightfall. It is widely held that those who worship Shiva during the Pradosh season of Sani Trayodasi will be spared the repercussions of their crimes.

Rituals Perform on Shani Pradosh

  • Invoking Lord Shani through prayer is a tried and true method for avoiding his ill effects.
  • Quickly observe.
  • Shani dosha puja needs to be performed.
  • Pray for the departure of the malevolent planet Shani.
  • On Saturday, give out black clothing to the needy.
  • Give the crows some food.
  • Help the hungry by feeding them.

Chant This Mantra on Shani Trayodashi

“Neelanjan Samabasam Rabi Putram Yamaagarjam Chaaya Martanda Sambhutam Tan Namami Sannescharan”

Benefits of Shani Pradosh Vrat

  • Helps prevent and treat illness.
  • Removes the harmful influences of Shani.
  • A chance to expunge one’s bad karma presents itself.
  • Offers both health and financial success.
  • Facilitates sin forgiveness.
  • Contributes to the defeat of adversaries.

Significance of Shani Trayodashi

Shani Trayodashi, also known as the Pradosh fast, is a day of spiritual reawakening that can lead to more success and fulfillment in your life’s outer endeavors. All the things you need to go through a rough patch are included in this Pradosh Vrat: the cleansing of your sins, the strengthening of your resolve, and the ability to confront your issues head-on. This vrat can provide success, bravery, and freedom from fear if you’re looking for a calm and focused state of mind.

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