11 Signs Your Ex Will Never Come Back Its Time To Move On

Sorrow in a relationship happens only to the one who loves and understands the importance of that relationship. Have you been cheated on in love? Are you still hoping for your ex to come back? Cheating in love is no less than death, in this a person remains alive but his mind dies. When your partner doesn’t understand your love and his/her interest starts drifting away from you, then your relationship doesn’t last long. It does not make any difference to the person in front of the break of the relationship, but it hurts a lot to the person who had accepted him/her everything.

When we lose someone we care about, we often refuse to accept reality and hold on to the hope that they will return. According to studies, after terminating a meaningful relationship, exes don’t come back to each other in more than 70 percent of cases. Maintaining unrealistic expectations for your ex’s return prevents you from moving on with your life, especially after you’ve seen all the signals that he or she isn’t interested in you again.

In time, you’ll be able to move on once you’ve accepted these signs and given yourself permission to grieve for the love you’ve lost.

Read These 11 Signs Your Ex Will Never Come Back

1. They Show People How Happy They Are to be Apart From You

Even though it’s only been a few weeks since you two split up, your ex is already back in the public eye. They’ve not only been seen hanging out more, but also trying out a new hobby and making moves for a higher position at work. Even if your ex’s life seems perfect without you in it, they won’t want to go back to the way it was.

2. There is No Communication Between You Two

If your ex suddenly stops responding to your messages, it’s a clear sign that they no longer want anything to do with you. Ignoring you on social media is a form of “soft blocking,” but not returning your calls and erasing your unread emails are definitive signs of a breakup.

After a few months, when the intensity of the negative feelings has subsided, your ex may be open to reconnecting as friends. A prolonged block of more than a couple of weeks sends a loud and unambiguous message. The implication is clear.

3. Your Relationship Turned Sour

Manipulation, deceit, adultery, and mental and physical abuse are all hallmarks of toxic relationships. Your prospects of mending a broken relationship caused by any of these factors are nil. Any effort to repair an unhealthy relationship will only strengthen the basis on which it was constructed.

Not only is it detrimental to your development to try to fix an unhealthy relationship, but it’s also not worth it. To go back would be to repeat the same mistakes that caused the breakup in the first place.

4. They Asked to End the Relationship

You must accept your ex’s decision to end the relationship and go on with your life. Keeping false hopes alive can be harmful to your sense of self-worth and a barrier to recovery.

It would be a waste of time and energy to try to bring back the spark by dwelling on the past now that the relationship is finished. This is the kind of behavior that will only serve to aggravate your ex and make the whole situation more unpleasant for you.

5. They Have Blocked You on All Social Media Sites

Just a few short months ago, your ex’s every social media update was about you. They no longer laugh at your jokes or compliment your latest images. If they’re not asking about you, it’s a good clue that they’re not interested.

If they fully updated their profile to hide any traces of your relationship, take it as a warning that the end of your relationship is final.

While ignoring someone is a more private rejection, blocking someone online has a larger social impact. When someone blocks another, they are publicly declaring that they no longer have any use for or interest in the blocked individual.

If your ex has blocked you on social media, it’s a strong indication that they no longer want to communicate with you or see you again.

6. Their Words Make You Sad

If your ex has nothing but negative things to say about you, they probably won’t be coming back. They care more about hurting you than they do about getting back together with you if they spread rumors about you to others you both know.

Maybe they want to use your past faults as an excuse to leave the relationship because they believe you are too responsible for the breakup. In either case, it’s very evident that the two of you are finished with each other forever.

7. They Have a New Relationship

It could be a rebound relationship if your ex starts dating somebody right away, but if it’s weeks or months following the breakup, it’s a good indication that he’s not coming back. Listen to your instincts on this one; an ex-lover may try to use a new relationship as a tool to win you back by making you envious.

If your ex-lover is constantly bragging about their new flame on social media or in conversation, they’re definitely just trying to get your goat. On the other side, the one who keeps their romance under wraps and refuses to discuss it is likely over it.

8. They Don’t Envy You

Jealousy is a sign of a healthy relationship since it shows that the other person cares about the connection enough to worry about losing it. It’s a sign that the feelings have faded if your ex has no problem being friends with your new partner.

He has lost all romantic interest and no longer cares who you’re dating. Not being jealous or concerned about your life choices is a clear indication that they don’t care. Your former friends and family won’t return if they don’t see any impact from your new partnership.

9. They Don’t Care About Your Family and Friends

It’s normal courtship behavior to get to know each other’s friends and family members. You might even get along well with them now that you’ve known them for a while. There’s no reason to stop being friends with them after your split.

If your ex-partner is actively avoiding any contact with people who know you, it’s likely because they don’t want to be reminded of you. They would rather not risk giving you the wrong impression that they are still interested in you. It’s also a method to avoid awkward situations where third parties, including mutual acquaintances, can try to reconcile the two of you or otherwise pry for details about the split.

10. They Don’t Make Eye Contact with You

Many of the talks you and your partner had when you were together going unsaid. Perhaps their eyes would reveal their innermost feelings.

But if they are avoiding your gaze right now, it’s safe to assume they are not interested in rekindling that level of intimacy with you. They are trying to keep their feelings to themselves since they have none for you. So, my recommendation is that you put them out of your mind.

11. They are focusing on Their Career

Do you think they become more interested in bettering themselves recently? They hope to grow as a person and in their career, and even on a spiritual level. Who they become as they mature into a lady/man will be wholly unexpected. It’s a waste of time to wait for them to return.

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