10 Signs He Likes You But is Playing It Cool in Detail

There are different types of people in the world; in fact, every person is unique and different from others. Your partner often will not tell you how much he loves or likes you, and then it becomes too difficult to know his feelings for you. Whenever a person gets attracted to someone, he/she desperately wants to know the feelings of that person. Usually, males take time to show their feelings, and after establishing close bonds with their partners, they open up. Now there could be many reasons why males hide their feelings, but it is not easy for the female partner to wait until their guy opens up his feelings.

So if you are also looking for the Signs he likes you but is playing it cool, you are in the right place. These signs will give you an almost clear and broader picture of your guy’s feelings towards you. It will not only give you some relief but also decide the future of your relationship with that guy. Living in a one-sided relationship is not a good idea because, ultimately, it hurts you, but without knowing your partner’s feelings, you can’t make any decision. This blog will help you determine whether your partner likes you.

10 Signs He Likes You But is Playing It Cool

1. He Makes You Laugh

This is a universal fact that if a person loves you, he will never hurt you. For that person, your smile is most valuable. So if a guy makes you laugh every time, he may like you. By telling jokes or humor, he doesn’t want you to be sad. Also, many guys create a happy environment to open up their feelings to their girl, and they feel more comfortable with their partner in such an environment. By doing this, they also make you habitual of their company so that you spend more time with them.

2. He Tells You Everything About his Life

If a guy tells you everything about his life, it means he wants you to be a part of his life. From sharing every secret to every incident about his past, the guy wants you to accept him in every situation. It also shows that he is indirectly asking you to join him when he is free or going for a ride. It simply shows that he likes you and wants you to show interest in his life and spend some time when he is free and available to enjoy.

3. He Wants to Know More About You

Guys are very intelligent in playing with words, and they will never ask directly about your life. If a person likes you, he definitely wants to know more about you, but he will never make you feel. From knowing your past relationships with your friends and your likes/dislikes to your favorite places, the guy will show interest in everything without letting you know. He may ask this information to your best friend. Sometimes he will tell you everything about him so that you yourself tell him about yourself.

4. He Listens to You Carefully

Listening is a very complex skill because, in today’s world, people focus more on speaking than listening, but if a person loves you, he listens to you carefully anytime and every time. Doesn’t matter how important or loose talk you are doing; he listens to you attentively. Also, if he likes you, he is always available to listen to your feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Even he will insist you share everything that makes you happy or even sad.

5. He Never Makes You Feel Alone

Yes, this is a very true and strongest sign. If a person never makes you feel alone, he definitely likes you strongly. Firstly he will never let you go alone anywhere. Secondly, when you are mentally alone, he will support you emotionally. Such persons care for you a lot, and they will never let you break emotionally in any situation.

6. He Tells You About Her Dream Girl

This is a common sign that he likes you but is playing it cool. He will discuss his dream girl frequently with you. He indirectly describes your characteristics and behavior and wants you to show interest. In this way, he also wanted to know whether you were showing interest or not. In this way, boys love to know their partner’s feelings because if their female partner feels jealous, it means she likes them.

7. He Feels Nervous Around You

This is very common. Doesn’t matter how strong or confident a person is; he gets nervous in front of his partner, at least in the beginning. If your guy feels nervous in front of you, he might like you a lot. Feeling shy is one of the signs that the person has some positive feelings about you.

8. Physical Touch

This is another great sign to know whether your boy has feelings for you. If he loves establishing physical contact with you, he might love you a lot. From holding your hands every time to touching your head or shoulder, he wants to be in a relationship with you if he never misses a chance to remain closer to you. Boys love to convey their feelings through physical touch rather than emotion.

9. Overprotective

This sign is very common among boys and is the best way to check whether he has feelings for you. If a guy acts cool but is overprotective about you, it is a good sign, and you can move ahead with that person. He would not allow you to talk to someone else, especially when he is around you, and he always tries to be with you even when you are with your friends.

10. He talks about you with everyone

If a guy likes you but playing it cool, he may not talk to you much, but he will surely talk about you with everyone. This shows that you are in his mind and heart every time. This also shows he loves praising you every time and wants his friends and colleagues to have a very positive image of you. All he wants is for everyone treats you in the best way possible.

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