10 Signs of an Anointed Person You Should Know

Walking on the path of God is not easy for everyone because not everyone can follow God’s lessons consistently. However, there are different meanings of anointed, which may confuse you. The simple meaning of an anointed person is dedicated to God, his lessons, and humanity. When a person follows the path of spirituality, he becomes able to know the real meaning of life and humanity. Another level of wisdom is generated inside him, and his vision and view of seeing the world and life change completely. Now, this makes that person different from the crowd and makes him a real human that God has made to serve mankind. Let’s see some signs of an anointed person.

Here are the 10 Signs of an Anointed Person

1. Peaceful and Silent

This is the most important and common sign of an anointed person. When a person becomes anointed, he gives up hate, anger, and all other negative feelings about anyone. He loves silence and peace, and every God has said silence is the best thing a human can have. It’s not an attitude but a way of living life to the fullest. Doesn’t matter how worse the situation is, an anointed person will never lose his temper, and thus he can not only withstand but win that situation easily. A peaceful mind and silent tongue help people make great decisions at the right time.

2. Kindness

Kindness is in the teachings of every God and great personalities. If a person is anointed, kindness can be easily seen in his behavior. The strongest sign of an anointed person is his acts of kindness, irrespective of the person in front of him. It means even if his enemy came before him, he would shower only kindness and love on that person. And not only humans; an anointed person is kind towards every living being, including animals, birds, and nature.

3. Sees God In Everyone

This is very obvious if a person is anointed; he sees God in everything, and when we say everything, it also includes non-living beings. As he sees God in everyone, he always respects the person or thing before him. Such persons have no enemies; they have positive feelings about each and every one. They give respect and take care of non-living beings as humans. They see God in everyone, and thus they never see the negative side of anything.

4. Trustworthy

It is not only a sign but the strongest quality of an anointed person. An anointed person always stands by you in any situation in life. Such persons never broke anyone’s trust, even when they got betrayed and hurt multiple times. Doesn’t matter what they have to offer you; they will always be ready to offer you, forgetting their own needs and requirements. The most important thing is they never expect a return from even if you are able to return them.

5. Always Ready To Serve

God has taken multiple avatars to serve humanity and mankind. So it is obvious that an anointed person is always ready to serve humanity and the community. Despite the fact that how unstable life they are living, they are always ready to help and support mankind. Such persons didn’t expect anything in return for their service and didn’t see anything like religion, caste, race, color, or financial status while serving humanity. They also follow the same approach toward nature.

6. Extraordinary Vision

An anointed person is a store of knowledge and wisdom, and thus he has an extraordinary vision. If a person has a very clear vision, even about highly complex things, it is a very strong sign that he is anointed. The reason is that such persons view the situation and things differently and have completely different thoughts and conceptions about every particular thing. Due to their knowledge, wisdom, a better understanding of lies, and God’s support, their vision is extraordinary and, most importantly, right.

7. Honest to Everyone

Another level of honesty can be seen in an anointed person, and this sign is clearly visible. The interesting thing is these people are not only honest to others but also to themselves. This is because they understand a very simple concept that God is watching everything, which is not understandable by common humans. Due to this level of honesty, they always give the best advice, and every statement they give is true and pure.

8. God is Everything

Though every who believes in God accepts God as everything, an anointed person does everything for the sake of God. Such persons surrender themselves to God completely, and due to this reason, they want nobody in their life. A human can’t live without relationships, but an anointed person can live alone because he knows God will send someone who truly deserves him. And if no one comes into their life, they accept it as God’s decision. They never feel alone because they know their God is always with them.

9. Disciplined

If a person is highly disciplined in today’s rushing world, it means he has something special, and this special thing is anointing. Being disciplined not only means living life in a balanced way but also means living a life that defines and cares for humanity. An anointed person doesn’t waste time, and the most important thing is he spends more and more time serving mankind. In other words, he gives time to God and the community instead of himself.

10. Educating Everyone About God

An anointed person believes in God strongly and wants everyone to follow the part of spirituality. One of the main sign of an anointed person is he always educate people about spirituality and God. His main objective is to change a person’s life by educating him about God and its teachings. He wants everyone to follow God’s path and serve mankind.


An anointed person has a charming personality that can be identified easily, even in a huge crowd. His face is bright, and his words will give you peace and relaxation. An anointed person is definitely different from common people, and due to the signs mentioned above, you can easily identify whether a person is anointed.

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