10 True Signs She is Pretending to Love You

Loving someone and pretending to love someone is a completely different thing. Loving someone may give that person the best happiness in life while pretending to love someone gives the most hurting pain. The modern generation is very fast in establishing relationships irrespective of their age, and thus they can’t take their relationships forward. Today the most difficult thing is to know what’s inside a human heart or, in simple words, what he/she feels about you. And when you are in a relationship, it becomes important to know your partner’s feelings.

If you feel your partner doesn’t love you and she is only pretending to love you, there are a lot of signs to know that. You are in the right place to know the Signs she is pretending to love you. Let’s look at what those signs are.

10 Signs She is Pretending to Love You

1. No Excitement

When a person truly loves someone, his facial expression tells everything. Whenever he/she sees you, he/she becomes excited no matter how frequently you meet. So if your female partner doesn’t feel excited after seeing you or while spending time with you, it means she is bored with you and only pretends to love you. Now you can easily see this on his face and behavior while you are around him.

2. Hide Things

Transparency and trust are the foundation of any love relationship. And whenever you feel your partner is hiding things from you, it means your relationship is going in the wrong direction, and you don’t have any control over it. It is the strongest sign to see whether your female partner actually loves you or she is just pretending.No matter how small or big things she is hiding, sharing everything with one another is something that defines true love and trust.

3. Always Cancel Plans

Usually, females love going outside with their partners, whether for shopping, dinner, or anything else. If your female partner always cancels plans, it means she has no feelings left for you. If she is pretending to love you, she only goes outside with you wherever necessary and avoids your company when it comes to spending some quality time. Another reason is she doesn’t want her relationship with you to go public.

4. Never Initiate Conversation

Yes, it is a very common sign that shows she only pretends to love you. When a person truly loves someone, he/she never misses an opportunity to have a conversation. Now when it comes to females, everyone knows how talkative they are with their partners, and they don’t require any reason to start a conversation. So if your girl never starts a conversation with you and only replies specifically, it’s time to know that she doesn’t love you anymore.

5. Avoid Marriage

If a girl loves you, she will never say No when it comes to getting engaged or serious in a relationship. But if she only pretends to love you, firstly, she never talks about getting serious in a relationship or marriage. Secondly, if you ask her for such things instead of saying Yes or No, she will try to avoid it. If she says No, it is not much worry, but if she avoids and changes the topic every time, it means she doesn’t want you in her life anymore.

6. Got Angry About Little Things

Disputes and disagreements are common in every relationship, but how people react matters. If a person truly loves you, he/she never tries to hurt you, and in case of disagreements, he/she always tries to bring it up normally. Getting angry about little things is a very strong sign that your female partner doesn’t have pure feelings for you, and she is finding reasons to get out of this relationship.

7. She Acts Distant

Now, this is very obvious if a person truly loves you, he/she always tries to remain close to you. On the other hand, if your partner has fake feelings for you, she will act distant. Distant here doesn’t mean only physical distance, but it actually means emotional distance. From not asking you about yourself to not telling you what’s happening in her life, there are a lot of indications to find that your partner is going far from you emotionally.

8. Disrespects Your Feelings

For a person who loves you truly, the most important thing for her is to take care of and respect your feelings. Respecting one another’s feelings is one of the biggest reasons behind successful relationships. If you feel your female partner disrespects you and your feelings, it means she has no feelings left for you or is only using you for her needs. When there is disrespect of feelings in a relationship, it’s time to move forward because it hurts the most.

9. She Becomes Uncomfortable When You Come Close

Well, it is common in new relationships, but if your relationship is older and you have already undergone physical with your partner, then it is an alarming sign. So even going physical with you earlier, if your female partner goes uncomfortable or feels nervous when you close, it is a true sign that she is not in any mood to get serious in this relationship. She is only pretending to love, and she may end the relationship very soon.

10. Not Jealous When You Are Around Other Girls

Yes! this is a very good sign. Jeleosy shows how much a person loves you, and when jealousy ends in a relationship, it means that the relationship will not sustain you longer. Whenever you want to find the feelings of your female partner, just go close to another girl. If she truly loves you, she will definitely get jealous and even indulge in a heated argument with you, but if she doesn’t care what you are doing, it means she is only faking you.


It is necessary to know whether your partner has true feelings for you; otherwise, there is no reason to remain in the relationship. In the end, it hurts only, and the longer you remain in a one-sided relationship, the more pain you have to bear. So if you are suspicious about the feelings of your partner about you, closely watch the above signs and make the right decision at the right time.

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