10 Noticeable Signs Your Boss Likes You But is Hiding It

In his professional life, a human comes across many people, and among these people, some become very close. While working in a company, a persona has to spend a lot of time with his colleagues and seniors. Now some become our closest friends, while some relationships go beyond friendship. Actually, this is very common because people usually join a company at a young age when they are not in any relationship. And while working with different people, they start developing feeling for someone they feel special. Now that person may be his senior, junior, or colleague. So today in this blog, we will discuss Signs your boss likes you but is hiding it.

10 Signs Your Boss Likes You But is Hiding It

1. More Private Meetings

Well, a senior has to take a lot of meetings in a day, and mostly their meetings have multiple people. But if your boss schedules more private meetings with you, it is a sign that he likes you. This is a very important sign because, for seniors, official meetings are the best way to spend time with the junior they like. And if he is scheduling private meetings, it means he is giving you importance and want to spend time with you without any intervention.

2. Your Opinion Has a Great Value

This sign is also very important, telling you whether your boss likes you or not. Usually, seniors don’t take everyone’s opinion, but if your boss is taking your opinion every time and, most importantly, he is giving value to your opinion, it means he has some positive feelings for you. Doesn’t matter if you have expertise on any particular topic; if your boss likes you, he will definitely take your opinion.

3. Special Treatments

Now it sounds like bias, but it is a fact that if a person likes someone, he will give him special treatment. So if your boss likes you, he will give you special treatment professionally and unprofessionally. Professionally he will give your more opportunities to grow your career, and informally he will invite you for lunch, parties, and other special events. He will also give you more freedom, and sometimes he may give you more authority.

4. Regular Individual Calls

Usually, the boss doesn’t call their juniors individually either they send a group message, or they will arrange a quick group video call. Now if your boss calls you individually and regularly, it is a strong sign he likes you. After some time, he may call you for no reason, so you have to understand that if he likes you, he will talk about work very less. Late-night calls are also a sign that he likes you and loves talking to you in his free time.

5. Arrange Business Trips With You

A boss has the authority to select the juniors going with him on a business trip. Suppose your senior arranges frequent business trips with you; it’s a sign that he wants to spend some time with you outside the office. Business trips are not completely formal because you have enough time to discuss your private life. From flight time to hotel and lunchtime to after meeting time, a lot of time is there where your boss wants to know more about you.

6. Always Around You

It’s very common for everyone. If a person likes you, he will not lose any opportunity to stay around, but if it is your boss, it will create more opportunities to stay around you. Maybe he will take you under his project, or he will give you some responsibility for his work so that you stay more around him. Sometimes senior promote the person they like so that he/she remain in direct touch with them.

7. A Lot of Compliments

Well, everyone wants compliments from their seniors, but it is not that easy. Now if you are getting a lot of compliments from your boss, it means your boss has some positive feelings for you. If he likes you, he gives you compliments for no reason, and sometimes you will not believe what he is giving your compliments. It means he will praise you or shower compliments on every little thing you do.

8. Their Eyes Always Find You

Now, this sign is common for every person who loves someone. If we love someone, our eyes will always look for them. So if your boss always asks for you with your colleagues and when you are not in the office he directly calls you to know if everything is ok or not. Eventually, he wants you in front of him, and that’s why he may not assign you to work where you have to travel to a different place. In such cases, seniors usually assign you to work that revolves around them.

9. Overfriendly

When it comes to a relationship with seniors, it sounds serious and highly professional, but if your boss likes you, he becomes over-friendly with you. Firstly he will give you the freedom to talk with him openly and tell you to tell everything that makes you feel happy or worried. Secondly, he always has a smile on his face while talking with you. One more strong sign that he likes you is that he will share a lot of things about his life with you.

10. Unprofessional Touch

Sometimes a physical touch conveys all feelings that a person can’t say in words. Now if your boss touches you frequently, he might like you. His touch shows affection and care. From praising you every time by clapping your back to a sudden shoulder touch, he may touch you for no reason. And when he is very happy with your success or your work, he may hug you. All these signs show that your boss likes you.

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