15 Best Sudama and Krishna Friendship Quotes

  1. The one who supports us despite being wrong. The one who knows that by our side, he would get defamed. And still chooses to be by our side, is the one to keep for life.
  2. Being a partner in crime is not a thing to fantasize about. It is a thing to know that someone is supporting you in a situation where the world would trash you.
  3. When you beings share the same interests, they excite at the level of frequency. Still the real is the friendship that showcases you as a bunch and as a single equally good.
  4. A true friend only supports you, no matter what and where. When you go down, a true friend will stay by you supporting you to get up.
  5. The ear becomes comfortable to share the darker secrets when the eyes exclaim with the same excitement as yours!
  6. I personally take responsibility for the welfare of my supreme devotees, who always remember me or worship me with single-mindedness.
  7. You complete each other when you are together. You represent each other when you are not together.
  8. Give up all good work and just surrender completely to God. I will absolve you of all sins. Don’t grieve.
  9. He who in reality understands My transcendental birth and activities does not take birth again after leaving the body and attains My abode.
  10. When there’s nothing happening in life, still your relationship gets happening, then it’s a sign of true friendship.
  11. I see all beings equally; No one is less dear to me or more. But those who worship me with love live within me and I come into their lives.
  12. We can survive through a day without the sun but not a day without a friend. The person who adds memory to the day is a friend. The calendar may call it a day, but with friends, it becomes a memorable one.
  13. Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.
  14. When you have the same flaws, you flaunt together better. When the darker secrets are shared the deepest friendship is witnessed.
  15. I am the sweet fragrance of the earth. I am the heat of the fire, the life of all living beings, and the self-restraint of sannyasins.
  16. I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.
  17. Nothing is lost or wasted in this life.

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