10 Common Signs an Aries Man is Using You

There are some fantastic and dependable Aries men out there. However, they often also act as players. Unpredictability and unreliability are red flags, as are a lack of interest in hearing you out and an increasingly defensive or even hostile stance. Read these 10 Common signs an Aries man is using you.

When you invest your heart in a person, it might be devastating to learn that they were only playing you for your emotions. If you keep an eye out for these warning signs, you can avoid this happening. Breathe easy knowing that your boyfriend is trustworthy and committed to you if you don’t see any of these red flags in your relationship.

Top Signs an Aries Man is Using You

1. His Behavior is Rough Now

The relationship is doomed if he isn’t affectionate, or if he’s only affectionate when he wants something from you. You’re being manipulated, probably. In order to assert his dominance, an Aries male is likely to be controlling and demanding. He will act childishly when he is only trying to mess with your emotions, and he may try to use his influence to get what he wants from you. An Aries man can be a source of motivation for those around him, but he can also use his skills for his own gratification.

2. He Disappears for Days Without Informing You

You can assume he is no longer interested in you if he is silent for days at a time. In all likelihood, he is just toying with you if he goes for a few days and then reappears. If they want to be in a relationship, no one would ignore them for that long.

3. You Never Meet His Family & Friends

That’s a clear sign that he doesn’t want anything serious with you. That’s a major warning sign that you’re being manipulated. It’s possible that he’s too ashamed to introduce you to his buddies. Most men can’t wait to brag to their closest friends about the woman they’re dating. Never meeting someone significant in his life is a red flag for your relationship.

4. He is Not With You in Your Bad Times

It tells a lot about his interest in you if he stops wanting to chat with you during a “difficult patch” in your life. The unfortunate reality is that he doesn’t care about you or your relationship beyond what he can get out of it for himself.

5. He Doesn’t Keep on His Word

Generally speaking, Aries men lean toward candor and openness. If your Aries man is exploiting you, you may find that you are always catching him in a lie. When an Aries man is using you, he will be wildly unpredictable. He’ll say one thing one day and another the next.

The truth is that Aries men are terrible liars. It’s not uncommon for an Aries guy to invent a lie on the spot, just to deliver a contradicting lie a short time later after he’s forgotten about the previous one.

6. His Feelings for You are Running Out

Your Aries man may be playing you if he behaves like a cold robot. An Aries man’s love language is physical touch. He is completely devoted to his partner and would do anything for them. You won’t experience any of that tenderness or ardor from an Aries man who is only using you.

If your Aries man is exploiting you, he may look cold and callous. No matter how much you long for his love, he will never give it to you. Most likely, he won’t give you much of his time or recognize your unique qualities. If he doesn’t have an immediate need for you, he may even pretend you don’t exist.

If an Aries man is only interested in using you, he won’t show any genuine interest in you emotionally. He has no interest in connecting or developing feelings for you. He won’t share anything with you.

7. He Ignores Your Words

An Aries man’s disposition might completely shift once he’s had enough of you. He’ll treat you very differently than he had been. He will begin to disregard your wants and needs.

An Aries man who is only interested in utilizing you would act in the same way. To put it bluntly, he will probably pay little attention to your wishes unless he absolutely has to. When an Aries man is using you, you will see his true, selfless colours. It’s especially true in the bedroom.

If he is only interested in himself, an Aries man may entirely disregard your sexual desires. When he obtains what he wants, he may not bother to make sure you’re happy.

8. He Does not Reply to Your Messages on Time

Generally speaking, Aries men are quick to respond to messages. If you’ve got an Aries man in your life who cares about you, he’ll want to talk to you whenever he can.

If he is exploiting you, an Aries guy may disregard your communications until it is in his best interest to do so. Your Aries man may only respond to your messages if you’re offering him anything. If you ask to hang out with him, he may be the only one to respond because he has nothing else planned.

You might be being used by your Aries man if he consistently responds to your messages with questions that have nothing to do with what you were discussing. Just thought your Aries man hasn’t answered a couple of your messages doesn’t mean anything’s wrong. To the extent that he responds well on the whole, things are probably fine.

9. He’s Asking for More and More

One constant trait of men born under the sign of Aries is their need to be at the top of their list. All he wants is your attention, and he won’t stop trying to obtain it. When caring for and treating an Aries man, it’s important to use a combination of words and actions to show him how much you care. An Aries man that cares about you would never ignore you and will always make his feelings known.

In any case, if you’re the type that wants her space, an Aries man won’t be clingy. And the harder he has to try to attract your attention, the more he will relish the reward when he finally does. But an Aries man is sensitive enough to understand when you need space.

10. He is Attracted to Other Women

If he’s looking to fill an emptiness, he just might. It’s possible he’s still hurting after a recent split and needs a simple way to pick himself up. The majority of Aries males would rather invest in those they genuinely care about. If he’s using you, an Aries man may still be out there attempting to find a real connection with other women.

In some cases, yes. A single Arian man can easily date and flirt with a number of different women. Your Aries man is obviously manipulating you if he claims to be exclusive with you but is always gushing over other women.

When he cares about you, an Aries man will at least make an effort to cover up the fact that he’s flirting with other women. When he shows interest in other women while you’re together, he’s definitely just using you.

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