1 Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits, Types, Power, and Significance

The most powerful, divine, and auspicious gift that nature has given to mankind is the Ek mukhi Rudraksha. The king of all Rudraksha beads, it is the rarest of all Rudraksha mukhis.

Lord Shiva, also known as Paramshiva, the pure mind, is in charge of the One mukhi Rudraksha. This mystic bead is hence Sakshat Shiv swaroopa and bestows countless blessings to the wearer.

The user of this bead is said to achieve Moksha, grow in awareness, and unite with the unwavering consciousness of the almighty.

IMPORTANCE OF EK MUKHI RUDRAKSHA 1. The holy object of adoration is the single-mukhi Rudraksha. 2. It stands for the connection between the earth and the heavenly realms; it represents the connection between human awareness and divine consciousness. 3. It grants liberation from the cycle of rebirth and death and symbolises the energy of Parama Shiva.

1 MUKHI RUDRAKSHA BENEFITS 1.Rudraksha Fulfils the Desires of the Wearer 2. Most powerful bead for Meditation 3. Destroys Sins and Past Karma 4. Tool for Attaining Liberation/Moksha.

HEALTH BENEFITS OF EK MUKHI RUDRAKSHA 1. Cures migraines within 7 days of wearing 2. Cures psychiatric ailments - Depression, Anxiety and OCD. 3. Helps in Psychotic and Neurotic disorders 4. Gives peace of mind & concentration.

EK MUKHI RUDRAKSHA MANTRA ॐ नमः शिवाय ॐ ह्रीं नमः Om Namah Shivay Om Hree Namah