10 Signs He Likes You Through Text

A great technique to get to know a possible companion is through texting. Even yet, it can be challenging to tell if a guy likes you after only a few texts, especially if he isn't stating it out loud.

There are, however, a few imperceptible, blink-and-you'll-miss-it cues that will indicate if he's just being really friendly or whether he wants to go further.

Know these 10 Signs That Indicate He Likes You Through Text

1. He Texts You First

2. He Wants To Know More About You

3. He Texts Throughout The Day

4. He Writes You Long Texts

5. He Likes Hearing Your Stories

6. He Asks Questions

7. He Gives You A Nickname

8. He Often Uses Flirty Emojis

9. He Texts You When Something Important Happens

10. He Texts You Before Going To Sleep