8 Common Signs When a Leo Woman is Done With You

If you’re dating a Leo woman and you’ve seen some changes in her behavior toward you, you may have worried that she’s losing interest.

1. Sudden Changes in Her Behavior If the Leo woman in your life suddenly turns aggressive or bossy, she probably no longer respects you as a person and has decided to treat you that way.

2. Unfaithful If you’ve made the mistake of cheating on the Leo woman in your life, she’ll likely do the same to you.

3. Opponent A fiery reaction from a Leo woman who has decided to quit the relationship is to be expected.

4. Harshness in Her Nature She may come out as rigid or stubborn when it comes to your desires, but you can count on being forced to do what she says.

5. Boring Sex Life A Leo woman is one of those who knows how to enjoy herself and make the most of every moment of her free time.

6. Interested in other Man However, if a Leo woman has lost interest in you, fallen out of love with you, or wants revenge on you for hurting her, she will try to flirt and pamper other men.

7. She Gives You Excuses One of the most blatant signals that a Leo woman has had enough of you and wants to end the relationship is if she suddenly stops making time for you.

8. Complaints without any Reason Leo women might be demanding at times, but they are also highly empathic. Those who are concerned about their partner’s feelings should pay extra attention to this.