8 Reasons Why Your Wife Hate You

1. Sometimes You Don’t Listen to Her It’s possible that you can hear her, but are you actually paying attention? Sadly, most people are not good listeners, and this is a common problem in marriage.

2. You Don’t do Good Things For Her Happiness It may come as a surprise, but an imbalance in domestic duties accounts for about 25% of divorces.

3. You Two Haven’t Had Sex for a Long Time Physicality, closeness, and passion are the three pillars of a satisfying sex life together.

4. For Some Reason, She Feels Betrayed by You She may feel betrayed by you if you have broken your promises to her.

5. She’s Stressed That’s Why She’s Blaming You For Everything It’s likely that your wife is going through a rough patch in her professional life or is just generally miserable.

6. The Love Between You Two is Waning It’s bad but true, that love eventually dies off. Maybe your wife no longer feels the same way about you that she used to.

7. Your Wife Hates You so Does Not Give You Time She has lost her need for companionship. The amount of time she used to spend with you has decreased.

8. Don’t Get Angry Quickly, Act Calmly Your wife could be lashing out at you because of some personal issue that upsets her.