8 Signs An Aries Man is Talking to Another Woman

1. Moody If your Aries guy is having an affair with a woman, his mood fluctuations may be comparable to those of a teen girl experiencing her first period.

2. Attraction to Other Women Maintaining secrets, on the other hand, is one aspect of their romantic relationship in which they visibly struggle.

3. Behavior Change If you have only recently begun dating an Aries man, his behaviour is the first clue that may help you assess whether he is faithful or playing the role of the "lovely butterfly."

4. He Has No Time For You The desire to spend time with one's mate is one of the most natural desires. Nevertheless, he appears to no longer feel the same way and has no desire to participate with you emotionally or physically.

5. He is Overly Defensive He may be transferring his adulterous inclinations onto you and turning on you as a result of feeling frightened or cornered.

6. You Fight More Often If he is involved with another individual, he may feel trapped with you. In this circumstance, he may begin to pick arguments over trivial matters.

7. He Will Avoid Certain Places Regardless of how discreet people attempt to be, someone is going to notice. It could be a shared acquaintance, relative, or friend.

8. He Does Not Contact You As Much Anymore You may observe a drop in the number of times he communicates with you and reaches out to you.