8 Signs He Likes You But is Playing It Cool

1. He Makes You Laugh This is a universal fact that if a person loves you, he will never hurt you. For that person, your smile is most valuable.

2. He Tells You Everything About his Life If a guy tells you everything about his life, it means he wants you to be a part of his life.

3. He Wants to Know More About You If a person likes you, he definitely wants to know more about you, but he will never make you feel.

4. He Listens to You Carefully Listening is a very complex skill because, in today’s world, people focus more on speaking than listening, but if a person loves you, he listens to you carefully anytime and every time.

5. He Never Makes You Feel Alone Yes, this is a very true and strongest sign. If a person never makes you feel alone, he definitely likes you strongly.

6. He Tells You About Her Dream Girl This is a common sign that he likes you but is playing it cool. He will discuss his dream girl frequently with you.

7. He Feels Nervous Around You This is very common. Doesn’t matter how strong or confident a person is; he gets nervous in front of his partner, at least in the beginning.

8. Physical Touch This is another great sign to know whether your boy has feelings for you. If he loves establishing physical contact with you, he might love you a lot.