8 Signs of an Anointed Person You Should Know

1. Peaceful and Silent This is the most important and common sign of an anointed person. When a person becomes anointed, he gives up hate, anger, and all other negative feelings about anyone.

2. Kindness Kindness is in the teachings of every God and great personalities. If a person is anointed, kindness can be easily seen in his behavior.

3. Sees God In Everyone This is very obvious if a person is anointed; he sees God in everything, and when we say everything, it also includes non-living beings.

4. Trustworthy It is not only a sign but the strongest quality of an anointed person. An anointed person always stands by you in any situation in life.

5. Always Ready To Serve God has taken multiple avatars to serve humanity and mankind. So it is obvious that an anointed person is always ready to serve humanity and the community.

6. Extraordinary Vision An anointed person is a store of knowledge and wisdom, and thus he has an extraordinary vision.

7. Honest to Everyone Another level of honesty can be seen in an anointed person, and this sign is clearly visible.

8. Disciplined If a person is highly disciplined in today’s rushing world, it means he has something special, and this special thing is anointing.