8 Signs of Aquarius Woman Traits And Characteristics

Aquarius women are typically liberated, progressive, and extremely brilliant. Aquarius-born females are born between January 20 and February 18.

Read on as we tell you a list of fundamental attributes and defining personality traits of an Aquarian female to help you understand her better.

Confident She is extremely confident in her abilities. She does not care what others think of her and does not seek approval.

Intellectual Her intelligence is among her greatest strengths. She is constantly reading and researching a variety of things in order to expand her intellect.

Humanitarian A lady who is an Aquarius feels deeply about the world and tries everything she can to alleviate the suffering of others. She has a strong sense of fairness and champions social causes.

Independent Aquarius women are fiercely independent and cherish their privacy. She is independent and dislikes being dependent on others. She frequently enjoys being alone.

Overthinker A woman born under the sign of Aquarius is extremely intelligent and has a propensity for researching and analysing everything. She carefully considers every choice she makes.

Unique Her thought process and demeanour are extremely unusual. She brings a new viewpoint to the table by virtue of her unorthodox and inventive mindset.

Unpredictable An Aquarius woman does not like to exhibit her emotions freely. Therefore, she tends to limit them. Her pent-up emotions and bottled-up rage can sometimes burst and make her come across as unpredictable.

Amazing Listener If you are seeking for someone who would listen to your difficulties, an Aquarius woman is ideal. She will put you at ease and attentively hear you out.