8 Signs of Leo Woman Personality Traits & Characteristics

Leo Women are celebrated for their strength of character, sense of humour, and zest for life.

Leo women often make the first move, which can lead to conflict. Learn the 8 Characteristics of a Female Leo.

1. She is Forward-Thinking There isn't much time for indecision and second-guessing in the life of a Leo woman. She does not waste any time in pursuing her goals.

2. Extremely Confident There is no room for doubt. In fact, a few people may feel threatened by her assurance.

3. She is An Artist A woman who is a Leo is the creative type. She makes for an excellent actress or theatre artist.

4. She is Passionate She loves her work, her family, her hobbies, and pretty much everything else in her life.

5. She is Expressive A Leo woman is expressive, and it doesn’t matter to her if she is on a stage or going by her routine day.

6. She is Loyal ​​Despite her extremely outgoing and social nature, one thing that you can vouch for in a Leo woman is her loyalty.

7. She is Lazy Although extremely passionate and fiery, a Leo woman can be lazy at times.

8. She is Sensitive Despite her confidence and outgoing nature, a Leo woman can be sensitive, especially to other people’s feelings.