8 Signs Your Boss Likes You But is Hiding It

1. More Private Meetings Well, a senior has to take a lot of meetings in a day, and mostly their meetings have multiple people. But if your boss schedules more private meetings with you, it is a sign that he likes you.

2. Your Opinion Has a Great Value This sign is also very important, telling you whether your boss likes you or not.

3. Special Treatments iI your boss likes you, he will give you special treatment professionally and unprofessionally.

4. Regular Individual Calls If your boss calls you individually and regularly, it is a strong sign he likes you.

5. Arrange Business Trips With You Suppose your senior arranges frequent business trips with you; it’s a sign that he wants to spend some time with you outside the office.

6. Always Around You It’s very common for everyone. If a person likes you, he will not lose any opportunity to stay around, but if it is your boss, it will create more opportunities to stay around you.

7. A Lot of Compliments If you are getting a lot of compliments from your boss, it means your boss has some positive feelings for you.

8. Their Eyes Always Find You Now, this sign is common for every person who loves someone. If we love someone, our eyes will always look for them.