8 Signs Your Coworker is Threatened By You

1. Avoid You If your coworker avoids you during joint work sessions, meetings, or whenever you are around, it means they don’t have positive feelings for you.

2. No Eye Contact Eye contacts convey a lot of things about someone’s feelings and thoughts toward another person.

3. Criticism Criticism is helpful for a person to grow and improve himself, but unnecessary criticism can impact your mental health.

4. Take Your Credit If he feels you are an obstacle in his progress and you are doing well in your job, he tries to take your credit.

5. Create Difficulties in Your work Everyone’s work is connected with others, and if a person feels threatened by you, he will create difficulties in your work.

6. Always Disagree With You Yes, everyone has a different way of thinking and working; thus, disagreements are quite common. But if your coworker always disagrees with you, it means he feels threatened by you.

7. Always Blame You If a person feels safe with you, he will protect you from any defame, but if he feels threatened by you, he always blames you.

8. They Make Fun of You If your coworker is threatened by you, he always makes fun of you. Making fun of you will give him relaxation and pleasure.