8 True Signs She is Pretending to Love You

1. No Excitement If your female partner doesn’t feel excited after seeing you or while spending time with you, it means she is bored with you and only pretends to love you.

2. Hide Things Transparency and trust are the foundation of any love relationship. And whenever you feel your partner is hiding things from you, it means your relationship is going in the wrong direction.

3. Always Cancel Plans If your female partner always cancels plans, it means she has no feelings left for you.

4. Never Initiate Conversation if your girl never starts a conversation with you and only replies specifically, it’s time to know that she doesn’t love you anymore.

5. Avoid Marriage If she only pretends to love you, firstly, she never talks about getting serious in a relationship or marriage.

6. She Acts Distant If your partner has fake feelings for you, she will act distant. Distant here doesn’t mean only physical distance, but it actually means emotional distance.

7. Disrespects Your Feelings If you feel your female partner disrespects you and your feelings, it means she has no feelings left for you or is only using you for her needs.

8. She Becomes Uncomfortable When You Come Close If your female partner goes uncomfortable or feels nervous when you close, it is a true sign that she is not in any mood to get serious in this relationship.