How to Make a Leo Man Miss You Through Text

1. Let Him Know You're Thinking of Him Send him a "good morning" or "thinking of you" text message throughout the day.

2. Shower Him With Compliments Compliments appeal to his lion-sized ego, making them an extremely potent arouser. You don't need to be delicate when flattering a Leo man; you can be as direct as you like.

3. Make Him Laugh With Witty Remarks Playful Leos enjoy engaging in playful conversation. A Leo man likes funny and cheerful discussion, despite the fact that he may appear serious at first glance.

4. Be Flirty Moreover, flirting is a terrific method to make a Leo man miss you. They enjoy the focus and the compliments.

5. Initiate Deep, Intelligent Conversations Send him insightful texts about a range of topics, from his favourite movie to current events, and provide expressive comments.

6. Let Him Know How You Feel Men under the sign of Leo are attracted to women who are forthright and honest about their feelings.

7. Tease Him With Suggestive Comments If a Leo man wants to be with you, he will easily recognise double-meaning letters that are provocative.

8. Send Him Seductive Selfies Leos are attracted to partners who can also look their best. Send him a selfie when you have a good hair day or are wearing a trendy garment that makes you feel good about yourself.