Astrology Knows Why Are You Single As Per Your Zodiac Sign !

1. Aries They have bad attitudes and may attack at any moment.

2. Taurus They're too obstinate, and it's safe to assume their love of eating surpasses that of any romantic attachment.

3. Gemini They avoid commitment at all costs and are too busy to give their partners the attention they deserve.

4. Cancer They spend much too much time sobbing in front of the TV while watching chick films and Korean dramas.

5. Leo They haven't been able to find another person who is as flawless as they are.

6. Virgo They haven't given up hope that a hero will come to their aid.

7. Libra They're the jealous type, to put it mildly.

8. Scorpio They have serious trust concerns.

9. Sagittarius They consume too much alcohol and as a result, usually have no clear desires.

10. Capricorn It's impossible to take them seriously because of how serious they take everything.

11. Aquarius They're far too odd and delicate.

12. Pisces They're in a relationship that doesn't live up to their fantasies.