Neptune Sextile Pluto Meaning, Natal, Synastry, Transit, Relationship Etc

When two planets in a natal chart make a 60-degree angle to one another, we call that a sextile. When planets are sextile to one another, their energies are mutually supportive.

A person with Neptune sextile Pluto is highly creative and has a knack for coming up with novel solutions to problems. They are fearless adventurers, always ready to forge forth into the unknown.

Neptune Sextile Pluto Meaning A Neptune sextile Pluto in a natal chart indicates a bold, risk-taking individual who thrives on the unknown. Such people are not afraid to take on challenging tasks that are beyond their usual routine.

Neptune Sextile Pluto Transit The influence of a transiting Neptune sextile Pluto is analogous to that of the natal aspect. It has a profound effect on people’s sensitivity.

Characteristics of Women With Neptune Sextile Pluto When Neptune is in sextile to Pluto, a woman’s demeanor might become highly interesting. They consider themselves to be exceptionally bright and take great satisfaction in their many academic achievements.

Characteristics of Men With Neptune Sextile Pluto When Neptune is sextile Pluto, it has tremendous sway over males. It fosters risk-takers who ultimately alter the trajectory of their chosen fields.

Synastry and Relationships During Neptune’s Sextile Pluto The influence of the planets on love lives can be deduced through synastric analysis. Sextile Neptune As the harmonious conjunction of twin flames or kindred souls, Pluto is a benefic aspect for couples.