9 Signs Your Ex Will Never Come Back Its Time To Move On

1. They Show People How Happy They Are to be Apart From You Even though it’s only been a few weeks since you two split up, your ex is already back in the public eye.

2. There is No Communication Between You Two If your ex suddenly stops responding to your messages, it’s a clear sign that they no longer want anything to do with you.

3. Your Relationship Turned Sour Manipulation, deceit, adultery, and mental and physical abuse are all hallmarks of toxic relationships.

4. They Asked to End the Relationship You must accept your ex’s decision to end the relationship and go on with your life.

5. They Have Blocked You on All Social Media Sites Just a few short months ago, your ex’s every social media update was about you.

6. Their Words Make You Sad If your ex has nothing but negative things to say about you, they probably won’t be coming back.

7. They Have a New Relationship If It could be a rebound relationship if your ex starts dating somebody right away.

8. They Don’t Envy You Jealousy is a sign of a healthy relationship since it shows that the other person cares about the connection enough to worry about losing it.

9. They are focusing on Their Career Do you think they become more interested in bettering themselves recently? They hope to grow as a person and in their career, and even on a spiritual level.