Which Naruto Character are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign !

Aries - Naruto Loud. Bold. Determined. These are the top three characteristics that Naruto and Aries share.

Taurus - Shikamaru Taureans are not necessarily the most outgoing and sociable, preferring to be alone most of the time.

Gemini - Sasuke Similar like Sasuke, Gemini are highly brilliant, rebellious, and constantly on the move.

Cancer - Rock Lee Cancers are the kindest of all zodiac signs, as they are thoughtful, unwaveringly loyal, and highly emotional.

Leo - Kakashi A born leader who is aware of it. This sums up Kakashi and Leo in a nutshell. They are always in charge and enjoy being the ones to assist others.

Virgo - Sakura Sakura consistently demonstrates her Virgo characteristics, which include being extremely protective, clever, caring, and analytical.

Libra - Tsunade As the Fifth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village, Tsunade must polish her leadership skills to ensure that everything runs as efficiently as possible.

Scorpio - Minato A Scorpio is always someone you can rely on, much as Minato is a reliable one.

Sagittarius - Itachi Itachi had to make near-impossible decisions throughout his life, causing him to exhibit numerous Sagittarius traits.

Capricorn - Jiraiya Both Capricorns and Jiraiya will do anything to achieve their objectives. They strive to always be the best person in the room.

Aquarius - Gaara Gaara is a character that requires some time to warm up to others. He has difficulty being transparent and tends to stay to himself and a limited number of trusted ninja.

Pisces - Hinata Hinata is an ideal Pisces since she begins the story as a very indecisive, vulnerable, intellectual, and perceptive individual.